Friday, April 22, 2016

Makeup Purge! :) Spring Cleaning..

I have been watching a lot of Youtube lately, especially I've been enjoying the videos about cleaning out makeup collections. So I was really inspired to purge my own collection, I knew there was a few questionable items...!
But it's just so hard to give up stuff, especially makeup :) I ended up cleaning out all these products. Let's take a closer look...

I have a lot of blushes, let's face it. Many of my blushes are quite old, to be honest. Loved, but old! Powdery products tend to last longer than liquid products but still, they don't last forever. One clear mark of a product passing its prime of life is scent. If it starts to smell bad or a little funky, or the consistency has changed, it is time to let it go.

First one to go was this Viva la Diva blush (up left). It's a really pretty coral peach color, but unfortunately it started to stink. Time for it to go. Also the Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink started to have a weird scent, and also it's a bit too glittery for my taste nowadays, so I decided to part with it. This one I will miss a lot!

My Coralista from Benefit is at least 5 years old. It didn't smell bad or anything, I just think it's too old to be used anymore. I must say that I'm really sad to throw it away, it has been one of my favourite blushes. I am thinking about repurchasing it. Bye bye, my friend!

These Elf blushes I really did like and use, but unfortunately both of the packages have broken, so I decided they both need to go. I will be missing that bronzer, for the blush I have dupes.

The Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay has been loved a lot, as you can see. I decided to let it go, eventhough I still sometimes used Naked 2 for contouring. I have a new contouring favourite now, so this needs to be replaced with a new one. I really liked this palette!

Blanc Type and Copperplate from MAC are quite old and I am ready to Back2MAC them. Copperplate is a really lovely cool toned taupe, I will repuchase it at some point.

The eyeshadows from MNY are really old, I'm too afraid to use them anymore. The light taupe color was my favourite for a long time, I used it to blend darker makeup looks. Bye friend...

They're Real Push-Up Liner from Benefit was a product I didn't become friends with. Too difficult to use and a lot of product was wasted. It was just sitting in my drawer, so I decided to let it go. It was really expensive for what it was. I have found better liners since.

Lumene's Blueberry Eyebrow Pencil was good, but this one was just old. The packaging has since changed and this is now too black for me, I prefer dark brown brow color now. A good basic brow pen!

MAC Stobe Cream started smelling bad, so I had to toss it. I used to mix it with my foundation and I really liked it, gives a perfect glow! This one I will be repurchasing.

True Match Foundation from L'Óreal was something I really liked at first, but then it got replaced with something else and I forgot about it. It has been sitting in my drawer and has passed its expiration date. I am more careful with liquid products.

I am sad to see so many loved products to go, but let's face it, they had to go. I now have space in my collection for some new blushes and maybe some eyeshadows...
A new foundation was already added to my collection.. ;)

Thanks for reading!