Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: Maybelline BrowSatin Eyebrow Pencil & Powder :)

I think it's time to review the BrowSatin pen from Maybelline, my new favourite brow product for daily basis. I do my brows pretty much everyday, and now that thick and dark brows have been a trend for some time now, all these lovely brow products are coming out. This BrowSatin pencil came out a long while ago, but I have been using it ever since it came out here in Finland. And I think it's a genius idea to have a pencil and a brow powder in one pen!

It has a nice and thin pencil on the other end and a powder on the other. I really love the idea, I believe most people use more than just a pencil to fill in their brows, that is what I do too. Pencil is great for a detailed work but I need something else too to give some more color and depth to my brows.

It seems that we only have a color range of two here, so I had to get the Medium Brown, eventhough it seemed a bit too light and warm toned for me to begin with. It has turned out to work just fine with the actual color of my brows. I have changed my hair color a bit, it is now a bit lighter and warmer toned, so perhaps this is why the Medium Brown works.

The pen is quite small and precise, you can create a really thin lines with it. The pen is not as thin as the famous Anastasia Brow Wiz has, but still good enough. It's on the soft side but definitely waxy enough to make it easier to apply, not too heavy lines at once. I really like the pen side of this product.

I had my doubts about the other end of the pen, it has a spunge applicator for dispensing the brow powder. But in fact, the sponge is actually pretty good, you get a nice color pay-off but not too much color. If you want more powder to come out, all you have to do is push the pen a little and it dispenses more powder. I think this is a really nice and easy form of doing my brows.

As you can see, the powder is just a little bit too light and warm for my brows, but I use it to add some color to my brows and it seems to be fine. Maybelline does sell a Dark Brown color too, but just not here in Finland. The pencil is really nice! Here is the pencil and the powder in action, used lightly.

These are really inexpensive, around 7€ here in Finland. What a great product for that price. I have already purchased this pencil in the color Dark Brown from, they don't seem to sell it here in Finland but I was able to find it online. Seems like a perfect match but I will also be using this color up.

I hope you enjoyed my review, thanks for reading!