Sunday, October 4, 2015

Review: Lumene Arctic Sun Highligting Bronzer! :)

This Arctic Sun Highlighter from Lumene started appearing in Finnish blogs this spring and ever since I have wanted to get my hands on it. I believe this was a part of a limited edition collection last summer and now they repromoted it again. I think it's limited adition again and belive me, that made me want to buy it even more.
As we are starting to move towards winter and holiday makeup collections, I was lucky to find this highlighter on sale for 7€. It was pure happiness and I had to stop myself from buying a back up. I wanted to.

This is something really, really pretty. I also like the concept, it's a highlighting bronzer that works great as a bronzer for fair skin and as a regular highligter for medium to dark skin. It really is genious. And looks pretty too, I am in love.

For my pale skin it works great as a light bronzer, it brings some warmth to my complexion without giving me a tanned look. It also gives a really nice glow, not glittery at all but just satiny glow. That's what the package says, warm natural glow.

Here's a swatch on my not at all tanned complexion. I stayed out of the sun this past summer too, as usual :) This goes on smoothly and it's easy to blend.

I tried to capture the glow on this picture, as you can see it it very subtle and suitable for wearing all over the face, if you wish. I have done so, and it really gives a lovely warm hue and glow for my complexion. I love it and now I regret not getting that back up. This product still seems to be available but if it will be sold out, I really wish Lumene would bring this out again next summer!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Mä käytin tätä loppukesästä todella paljon, tosi kaunis hennon rusketuksen kanssa. Varoituksen sananen tosin, ei kannata sitten tuota tiputtaa, se hajoaa ihan todella helposti. Sain tämän ensimmäisen kerran viime vuoden kesällä ja parin ensimmäisen käyttökerran jälkeen tiputin sen sohvapöydältä lattialle ja se hajosi ihan tuhanneksi muruseksi. Onneksi sain tänä kesänä uuden ja olen onnistunut pitämään sen ehjänä ;)

    1. Sopii kyllä hyvin vaalealle iholle tämä! :) Pitääpä koittaa pitää tämä ehjänä, täytyy rueta varjelemaan :D harmittaisi kyllä jos menisi murusiksi...!