Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review: Lumene Matt Control Oil-Free Foundation 0 Light Ivory

Lumene has amped up their foundation game! Another new foundation in a very light shade and this time targeted for oily skin...? Yes please!

I didn't really need a new foundation because I've been loving the Blur Foundation a lot. But when I saw that this Matt Control Oil-Free Foundation said "for oily skin" and "full coverage" I had to take it home. The lightest shade is really, really light! I have the shade 0 Light Ivory.

Where the Longwear Blur Foundation is on the thicker side, this one is a lot more runny and liquidy, and in my opinion, a lot more easier to apply and blend. It covers really nicely, I would say it's medium to full coverage. Definitely covers my acne scars and all the redness I may have at that moment. It also holds up nicely! Of course you can extend the time of wear by wearing primer under the foundation. The foundation dries almost to matte finish, so powdering is not necessary. I always prefer a light layer of powder but it's not necessary. The best part is that the shade Light Ivory is really a true light shade. So if you've had trouble finding foundation shades that are light enough for your complexion, now we have another one. Also at affordable price, I paid around 14€ for mine here in Finland.

A couple of things worth mentioning about what I'm not liking about this foundation. First, because it's a full coverage foundation it can look a bit unnatural if you apply too much. Also because it's completely matte, no light reflecting particles in this one. You can try wearing this mixed together with a primer or something like the Strobe Cream from MAC. The other thing I'm not so fond of is that it has a quite strong scent to it. The good thing is that the scent fades away soon after applying.

Right: Lumene Matt Control Oil-Free Foundation 0 Light Ivory
Left: Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation 0 Light Ivory

Here's a color comparison to Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation in 0 Light Ivory. To me the Longwear Blur is a bit darker, so they are not a complete match. I can wear both of them, but I just wanted to let you know that they are not the exact same shade even though the name may say so. Both very light shades though! :)

I love the foundation, but I have to say something about the packaging. The packaging is something we have seen befoce from Lumene, they didn't come out with a new packaging for this foundation, which I find odd. They have a new foundations out in new packaging, one in a glass bottle even. A product this runny should be in a glass bottle in my opinion. The cap gets messy pretty quickly and too much product comes out when you open it.

But overall, a very nice foundation for oily skin. I have used it a lot and I love it. Highly recommend to try it, a really nice option for the more expensive foundations!

Thanks for reading!