Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation! Light Ivory

Another great foundation for fair skin? Yes, please. This Longwear Blur Foundation from Lumene came out last fall, but as always, I thought there's not going to be a matchig shade for my skin and forgot all about it. But once I ended up swatching it and realised that they do have a pretty light shade called Light Ivory, I had to take it home :)

Usually I do my research pretty well before purchasing a new foundation or pretty much any product, but this time I did it the other way around. After some quality time with Google I found out that this foundation is silicone based and evens out pores and fine lines nicely. Also it was said to be great for oily skin..which makes me really happy.

This is what Lumene promises this foundation to be. Also taking a closer look at the ingredients list you can see that the bluring effect is based mainly on silicones. My skin doesn't mind silicones, I use a matifying primer under my foundation most of the times and it's fine.

The consistency is on the thicker side! I don't mind a thicker foundation, that usually means more coverage.

The color match is pretty good! It definitely is fair enough and it's neutral based. I also find that it doesn't change color during the day, which is good.

As you can see, I have a lot of discoloration going on, some old acne scars and pigmentation problems so I need my foundation to be at least medium coverage. Longwearing Blur Foundation does a pretty good job! This is only the foundation, no concealer or powder. I can see some blending issues close to my jaw line, this time I applied the foundation with my fingers so maybe a brush would have been better for blending in that area.

The coverage is great, it's at least medium and can be built up to full coverage. I must say that I need quite a lot of product to achieve the coverage I want, so this small tube is not going to last for long. Also because it is on the thicker side I find that it's not the most easiest foundation to blend. But it looks amazing and it does blur out my pores a little. The finish to me is semi matte. You can wear it without powdering but because I have oily skin I like to add a light layer of powder. What comes to it being longwearing, I don't think this is anything special in that department. I have to blot at least a few hours after applying, the time depends on the primer I'm wearing. But definitely works for oily skin just fine! I don't see any major wearing off during the day.

This retails around 15€ here in Finland, not bad for a such a good quality product. If you need a medium to full coverage foundation, I highly recommend to try this one out! Also if you have fair skin and have trouble finding light shades, this shade 0 Light Ivory is something you need to swatch.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Tämä on kyllä hyvä meikkivoide, jos haluaa peittävyyttä ja on rasvoittuva iho. Lumenelta on tosin vasta ilmestynyt meikkivoide, joka on nimenomaan tarkoitettu rasvoittuvalle iholle, sitä olisi kiva testata seuraavaksi :)

    1. Olen tykännyt kovasti! Ja niin näin minäkin jokusen kuvan tästä uudesta meikkivoiteesta, pitää testata varmasti sekin kunhan törmään kaupassa siihen! :)

  2. Oh, the packaging is certainly an improvement over a number of Lumene foundations. This one looks more classy and expensive, don't you think? =)
    Thank you for your review!

    1. Yes, there's definitely been some development with the packagings! Now they have one out in a glass bottle..! :)