Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lovely Sale Findings :)

Another successful grocery shopping trip, my supermarket never fails when it comes to finding some makeup at great discount :)

This time I managed to find a few items from Isadora's 2014 Holiday Collection called Mesmerizing. I didn't see any of the lovely palettes anymore but the Twist-Up Blush&Go highlighter stick was still around at a reasonable price 4,50€. Also the nail polish in Vintage Gold was only 2,00€. I really love a good bargain..!

The most exciting product for me was this creamy Twist-Up Blush&Go. It's not really a blush, more like a highlighter, it gives only a tiny hint of color. I didn't really need it and usually I'm not a fan of creamy highlighters or blushes, but I just couldn't resist... :)

The consistency is very nice, it's easy to apply and blend. I must say that it is on the glittery side, so I would use this with a light hand and blend really carefully. It has a very light peachy pink tint to it, but the color is almost invisible to the eye once you blend it out.

I really like the almost lipbalmy consistency of these Twist-Up Gloss Sticks, this one is called Pink Lady. I'm not sure if it was a part of some past collection or a color that's been discontinued, all I know is that I got it for 5,00€. It's a sheer bright pink color, gives a nice hue of color to my lips but is not too bright. And feels great on the lips too :) Because the daylight is limited still, I apologise for the poor swatch picture.

I didn't really need any more nail polish but the prices were too nice to pass. Lumene released some time ago a Frosted Matt collection and this color was part of it. I paid only 3,00€ for it and the color looked so nice for the summer know. And the Isadora Wonder Nail in Vintage Gold looked just amazing.

This haul made me happy. I'm sure going to visit the grocery store more often :)

For my Finnish readers:
Prismasta löytyi nämä upeudet, kannattaa käydä tutkimassa :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Apua, miten ihania löytöjä! :O Erityisesti tuo IsaDoran poskipuna/korostuspuikko. Noissa on tosiaan ihana koostumus!

    1. Se oli kyllä huippulöytö! En ollut koskaan testannut näitä, tällaiset tuotteet ei yleensä niin kovasti kiinnosta, mutta olipa yllätys miten ihana koostumus...! Ehkäpä kesäksi yksi poskipuna hankintalistalle ;)

  2. The gloss stick looks great, I nominated you for the Liebster Award you can check out my latest blogpost for details :)
    xx Mia
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