Friday, June 13, 2014

NOTD: Fancy A Dip? :)

I'm back with a summery manicure by Rimmel :) Just look at that color..! I found this I < 3 Lasting Finish bottle in Fancy A Dip from a local supermarket, I don't think that it's from Rimmels permanent line, the bottle seems different. It could be from a collection last year even, but I don't mind, I really wanted this light blue color. I don't have anything like it since I don't usually gravitate towards blue colors, but something moved inside of me when I saw this one..

 I these pictures it looks just a little bit too blue, I think it has a lilac or purple tone in it in some lighting.

This is really long lasting! I have worn it now 5 days straight and no chips so far. That's what I would call long lasting, nail polish on my nails usually chips in few days. In these pictures I'm wearing two coats.

The lasting power may have something to do with the top and base coats I've been using. Some time ago I bought Nail Nurse Base Coat from Rimmel and I've been loving it, so I then got this Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Top Coat too. Really nice...! They retail around 7€ here in Finland, so not bad at all, these are really good quality! The nail polish was 4,90€, so not bad either.

Nail Nurse has teeny tiny shimmers in it, therefore it makes the nails look glossy and healthy, so I've been using it on it's own too if I haven't had time to do my nails. Dries very quickly!

This top coat give a nice shiny finish and makes my nail polish last longer, I think. Also very nice quality for the price. I also like these bottles!

Here's Fancy A Dip again, such a lovely summer color. And a welcomed change to my usual coral color selection... :)

Lovely...I really can recommend Rimmel nail polishes, inexpensive and the quality is nice. Must go and see if there's any other colors that would tickle my fancy.

Thanks for reading!