Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Little Haul! Isadora, L'Oréal, Maybelline, Lumene

A quick haul post for you! I have been cleaning out my makeup drawers and ended up throwing away a few products. So that means I can buy new stuff, right? Most of the times I like to shop online, but this time I went to a few local stores to get some new products for fall.

The most excited thing for me was the new fall collection from Isadora. I got the Twist-up Gloss Stick in the shade Wine Red and one of the nail polishes, Autumn Leaves. Gorgeous colors...! I already had that lovely eyeshadow quad in my hand ready to go home but then I had to get real, I would probably not use it that much. Still thinking about it a little bit though.

This lovely lipgloss in a stick, Red Wine, just perfect! Not too overpowering if you apply it lightly but still buildable if you want a darker wine red look.

Some necessities, a new foundation from L'Oréal because my old Infallible one is almost completely gone. I was going back and forward between that and this True Match one and decided to try something new. I'm not sure about the color match but it's a lovely foundation. Also I got a new Browdrama from Maybelline, I love it, the Dark Brown is a perfect color match for my brows.

I've prefered mineral foundation for a long time now but I also like to sometimes switch up to liquid. Originally I thought I would invest in a Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier foundation but those brands are not available where I live. This is in the shade N1.

 I also got another dark red lip color for the fall. Red Wine from Isadora was the one I had already decided on but then I saw these new Candy Smile Gloss Sticks from Lumene Natural Code. This is in the shade Cherry Pop, such a lovely color!

Superpigmented! I would call this a full on lipstick, not exactly a gloss. It's so pigmented and it doesn't have that glossy feel I expected. Nevertheless, I really like it! But out of these two Red Wine is easier to wear and apply, it's more sheer and therefore I prefer it on a daily basis.

Some other necesseties, a new brush from Tangle Teezer. I wanted a smaller and hand bag friendly version of the normal brush that I love so much. Also a new natural hand cream from Urtekram and a natural face cream from Lavera, I plan to use it as a night cream.

That's my haul, I'm really loving Wine Red and Autumn Leaves from Isadora. Reviews coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

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