Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: TheBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer!

I've been into bronzers lately, so no wonder this baby was in my mail box the other day ;) It's Bahama Mama from TheBalm. I've been wanting to try something from the brand and also I was hoping this would work as a contouring color. Here's my review!

First of all, I really like the packaging, it's cute and fun and that's always appeling to me. I also like the name :)

Lovely color! Not orangy at all, it looks like a neutral brown in the pan. I can see how this would work great for many skin tones. It's definitely darker than any of the bronzers I own.

The packaging is nice, it's card board with a magnetig lid and also it has a mirror. I like these types of packages more than cheap feeling plastic ones that can break in my purse.

Here's how it looks on my fair, neutral skin. The best thing is the consistency, it's very creamy and pigmented. Just lovely...!

I like the color but I wish it was just a little bit lighter. Also it seems to turn on the warmer side on my skin, but not in a way that it would look bad, it still works I think. It doesn't look orange or muddy. Bahama Mama is very pigmented, so you have to be careful, specially if you have lighter skin tone. But then again it's very easy to blend! As you can see, it has satiny finish, which I like, it's not shimmery at all. I can make it work with the right brush and a light hand (I need to work on that light hand thing....).

Here's it on action on my cheeks..! Works nicely as a contouring color too.

Originally I bought Bahama Mama to replace my go-to contouring powder, the NYX Taupe. I haven't been liking Taupe that much anymore because it seems that it's not that pigmented anymore and it breaks me out on my jaw line and cheeks. Here's some pictures of NYX Taupe and Bahama Mama for comparison.

NYX Taupe on the left, TheBalm Bahama Mama on the right

To me it seems that NYX Taupe has a reddish tone to it on my skin. It's definitely more cooler than Bahama Mama but I actually prefer Bahama Mama out of these two...! I still have to get used to using it on a daily basis, it is so pigmented that I've had some trouble using it in a rush. I'm so used to contouring with NYX Taupe, I've used it so many years that I could slap it on in the dark :) I have to blend Bahama Mama more since it's more pigmented.

 I also got my first brush from Real Techiques, it's the Setting Brush. I thought it would work great as a contouring brush since I like to use smaller brushes for that to get more precise application. It's great for applying highlighter too! Very soft, nice quality and very inexpensive, I paid under 10€ for it at Also nice if you want to set your under eye concealer.

I think I want to try more from TheBalm, Bahama Mama is a really nice and creamy bronzer. I paid around 17€ for it, so not bad at all..!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great Review ^-^, I saw it on my feed right after ordering the Bahama Mama bronzer, good to know I made the right decision :)
    Urban Obsessions