Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review: Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme! Volum' Waterproof Mascara!

Another waterproof mascara review for you...! I wanted to try The Colossal Go Extreme mascara from Maybelline because it's relatively new and I finally also found it in waterproof. Let's see my thoughts on it...!

What I look for in a good mascara is nice volume and definition. My lashes are quite long naturally but what they need is volume. I also like the clean and more defined look, so usually I only apply one layer. I have noticed that those rubbery wands tend to give my lashes more definition and are easy to apply with, so I've been prefering those. This one is not the rubbery type, it has a large brush with regular bristles. What's said to be unique about it is the "double pump" wand that is supposed to give more volume by collecting more product on to the wand, I guess.

Well, you know how I feel about Maybelline mascaras! They are usually pretty good, and the waterproof versions hold my lashes curled all day pretty nicely. I also like that they are affordable and easily available. This Go Extreme is no different, it holds my curl all day and is also easy to remove. About the results, I think it give my lashes a great amount of volume! Definition-wise, I would like to see some more definition, but I guess you can't have everything. At least there are no major clumps!

Here's the before and after picture. It really makes a difference, and this is exactly why I don't usually go out the door without mascara, it just makes my eyes look more awake and...alive :D

I really like how this mascara makes my lashes look! Nice volume indeed! If you are looking for a waterproof mascara that gives you volume and holds your curl, this would be it.

For me there's only one problem... The brush is too big for my taste and unfortunately it makes the application a bit too difficult and messy. Most of the times I get mascara on my eyelids and it's difficult to remove it without messing up my eyeshadow. The more you are in a hurry, the more mess you make, I have noticed. I can live with that, yes, but I know there are mascaras that can make my lashes look as nice as this one but without the mess. So I will probably try another mascara next time. If you only look at the results, I think this is one of the best mascaras I have tried.

Does anyone else have problems with bigger brushes or is it just me..?

Thanks for reading!

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