Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Lumene CC Color Correcting Powder!

Hello there! Sorry for the lack of posts, this summer has been just crazy, it has been all work and no play basically. But it's getting better now, so I hope I have more time for blogging. I have a lot of new products I want to talk about..! Let's start with one that has become a new favourite, surprisingly..! It's the CC Color Correcting Powder from Lumene.

Let's just make it clear out there that I absolutely still love my beloved Nude Magique BB Powder from L'Oréal, I really do. I just wanted to try a new powder and this one was for a nice discount so I went for it... And I just might have fallen in love....again!
Lumene has a CC foundation that people seem to love so of course they must have a CC Powder out too. It's said to be a 6 in 1 powder, this is what Lumene promises that this powder would do:

Sounds kind of nice, doesn't it...? It comes only in two shades, mine is the lighter one Light / Medium. I thought it would be too dark, because it looks quite dark in the pan. But then when I swatched it, it seemed to match my skin perfectly!

It comes with a mirror and a sponge. I prefer a big powder brush or a kabuki, but the sponge is nice for touch ups.

Looks quite dark in the pan...let's not forget that I'm as pale as a ghost. But no fear, it seems to blend in with your my skin tone!

I like the mirror and I like that it's different from the Nude Magique packaging where you have to flip the powder to see the mirror. This is much more easier on the go!

Light / Medium is a neutral color which seem to have a color correcting feature. I have some red areas on my face, especially around my nose and it seems to neutralize redness to a certain level. It gives some coverage, which I like, but it doesn't look cakey. Also the finish is velvety smooth and it seems that it gives a very subtle sheen to my skin! It is matte, but velvety, like the name says. This is why I like it more than Nude Magique, because of the finish. This powder from Lumene is a bit heavier than Nude Magique, but I like that it gives better coverage. I've been using it alone as base and also as a setting powder. Works great both ways.

Just look how creamy it is..!

Here's the swatch, as you can see, it really blends in with my skin tone. It doesn't look too dark at all. Perfect!

Here's the inci:

I think that it does 5 out of the 6 things it promises. I'm not really sure about the moisturizing abilities, it does seem to have some good ingredients at the end of the list, but to me it doesn't feel moisturizing because let's face it, it's a powder. However, 5 out of the six is really nice. I really like this powder a lot, this is my second one already. What I also like is that it's not that expensive, it retails around 14€ here in Finland, I paid 9€ for mine with a discount so sometimes you can get pretty good deals. Lumene is also widely available here in Finland. Don't tell my Nude Magique waiting in my drawer that I just may like this CC powder better...! I highly recommend it and if you are fair like me, don't be afraid to try it, it really is not that dark on the skin than it looks in the pan.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oi, kuulostaa hyvältä! Kivipuuterit kuluvat minulla vaan niiiiin hitaasti että tarpeella en voi moista perustella :)

    1. Ja yleensä jos joku hitaasti kuluva tuote loppuu, ei tee mieli ostaa mitään perus Lumenea vaan panostaa vähän johonkin muuhun ;) minulla menee puuteria aika paljon kun käytän usein pohjana, joten tämä on erinomainen ja edullinen päivittäiseen käyttöön...!