Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review: Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner!

I fell for it too, yes...! The new They're Real Push-up Liner from Benefit has been all over, and I liked the idea so much that I had to have it!

They're Real Push-up Liner is basically a gel liner in a twist-up pen. I really like the idea! I also like the nice and expensive feeling packaging, very nice!

I have heard some good and some bad reviews of this liner. I had heard that this liner is not working smoothly and it's somehow dry. At first I was thinking maybe mine is ok because it was working just fine, not dry or messy to use like many of the reviews were saying. I didn't have any problems with any goops or excess product coming out. But after using it for a while it started to feel a bit dry and got more difficult to use. I now seem to have some troubles it setting on and looking nice. It definitely has started to dry a little bit.

Despite all this, I think the idea behind the product is absolutely brilliant. The flexible tip is super easy to use, creating a steady line is easier than it is with a liquid liner. The tip also makes it easy to create a line right at the bottom of the lash line. For me it has always been difficult to use liquid liner and I have been staying away from those type of liners. Also it tends to look too harsh on me, I think. So I really like the idea behind this liner! I just wish the consistency would be nicer.

The swatch picture was taken right after I had opened the liner. Here it went on smoothly and looks nice. 
But in the pirctured down below you can see how it looks uneven, I used quite a bit of time to get it look even this nice. I don't like how it looks, it looks just messy. It was hard to get the color out, had to twist a couple more times and then there was some too much product coming out...what a mess.

This is how my hand looked after trying to get the product come out evenly..

Also, this is how my lash curler looked after using it, eventhough I let the liner set for a while.

I'm sad that the this pen is not really working for me. I really like the design of the pen and I really think it would work if only the consistency was more liquidy and less dry. I guess it's hard to formulate something new but this just is not working. I read a tip somewhere that if I warm the pen between my hands before using it, it would go on easier. I must try that next time, but I'm not convinced, the product just seems to be too dry. Well I will keep you posted if it works!

I'm disappointed because the liner was not cheap, it seems to be £18.50 / 23,49€ at I got a 20% discount but still, I feel like my money was wasted, unfortunately.

Thanks for reading!

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