Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review: Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner!

I fell for it too, yes...! The new They're Real Push-up Liner from Benefit has been all over, and I liked the idea so much that I had to have it!

They're Real Push-up Liner is basically a gel liner in a twist-up pen. I really like the idea! I also like the nice and expensive feeling packaging, very nice!

I have heard some good and some bad reviews of this liner. I had heard that this liner is not working smoothly and it's somehow dry. At first I was thinking maybe mine is ok because it was working just fine, not dry or messy to use like many of the reviews were saying. I didn't have any problems with any goops or excess product coming out. But after using it for a while it started to feel a bit dry and got more difficult to use. I now seem to have some troubles it setting on and looking nice. It definitely has started to dry a little bit.

Despite all this, I think the idea behind the product is absolutely brilliant. The flexible tip is super easy to use, creating a steady line is easier than it is with a liquid liner. The tip also makes it easy to create a line right at the bottom of the lash line. For me it has always been difficult to use liquid liner and I have been staying away from those type of liners. Also it tends to look too harsh on me, I think. So I really like the idea behind this liner! I just wish the consistency would be nicer.

The swatch picture was taken right after I had opened the liner. Here it went on smoothly and looks nice. 
But in the pirctured down below you can see how it looks uneven, I used quite a bit of time to get it look even this nice. I don't like how it looks, it looks just messy. It was hard to get the color out, had to twist a couple more times and then there was some too much product coming out...what a mess.

This is how my hand looked after trying to get the product come out evenly..

Also, this is how my lash curler looked after using it, eventhough I let the liner set for a while.

I'm sad that the this pen is not really working for me. I really like the design of the pen and I really think it would work if only the consistency was more liquidy and less dry. I guess it's hard to formulate something new but this just is not working. I read a tip somewhere that if I warm the pen between my hands before using it, it would go on easier. I must try that next time, but I'm not convinced, the product just seems to be too dry. Well I will keep you posted if it works!

I'm disappointed because the liner was not cheap, it seems to be £18.50 / 23,49€ at I got a 20% discount but still, I feel like my money was wasted, unfortunately.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: TheBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer!

I've been into bronzers lately, so no wonder this baby was in my mail box the other day ;) It's Bahama Mama from TheBalm. I've been wanting to try something from the brand and also I was hoping this would work as a contouring color. Here's my review!

First of all, I really like the packaging, it's cute and fun and that's always appeling to me. I also like the name :)

Lovely color! Not orangy at all, it looks like a neutral brown in the pan. I can see how this would work great for many skin tones. It's definitely darker than any of the bronzers I own.

The packaging is nice, it's card board with a magnetig lid and also it has a mirror. I like these types of packages more than cheap feeling plastic ones that can break in my purse.

Here's how it looks on my fair, neutral skin. The best thing is the consistency, it's very creamy and pigmented. Just lovely...!

I like the color but I wish it was just a little bit lighter. Also it seems to turn on the warmer side on my skin, but not in a way that it would look bad, it still works I think. It doesn't look orange or muddy. Bahama Mama is very pigmented, so you have to be careful, specially if you have lighter skin tone. But then again it's very easy to blend! As you can see, it has satiny finish, which I like, it's not shimmery at all. I can make it work with the right brush and a light hand (I need to work on that light hand thing....).

Here's it on action on my cheeks..! Works nicely as a contouring color too.

Originally I bought Bahama Mama to replace my go-to contouring powder, the NYX Taupe. I haven't been liking Taupe that much anymore because it seems that it's not that pigmented anymore and it breaks me out on my jaw line and cheeks. Here's some pictures of NYX Taupe and Bahama Mama for comparison.

NYX Taupe on the left, TheBalm Bahama Mama on the right

To me it seems that NYX Taupe has a reddish tone to it on my skin. It's definitely more cooler than Bahama Mama but I actually prefer Bahama Mama out of these two...! I still have to get used to using it on a daily basis, it is so pigmented that I've had some trouble using it in a rush. I'm so used to contouring with NYX Taupe, I've used it so many years that I could slap it on in the dark :) I have to blend Bahama Mama more since it's more pigmented.

 I also got my first brush from Real Techiques, it's the Setting Brush. I thought it would work great as a contouring brush since I like to use smaller brushes for that to get more precise application. It's great for applying highlighter too! Very soft, nice quality and very inexpensive, I paid under 10€ for it at Also nice if you want to set your under eye concealer.

I think I want to try more from TheBalm, Bahama Mama is a really nice and creamy bronzer. I paid around 17€ for it, so not bad at all..!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review: Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme! Volum' Waterproof Mascara!

Another waterproof mascara review for you...! I wanted to try The Colossal Go Extreme mascara from Maybelline because it's relatively new and I finally also found it in waterproof. Let's see my thoughts on it...!

What I look for in a good mascara is nice volume and definition. My lashes are quite long naturally but what they need is volume. I also like the clean and more defined look, so usually I only apply one layer. I have noticed that those rubbery wands tend to give my lashes more definition and are easy to apply with, so I've been prefering those. This one is not the rubbery type, it has a large brush with regular bristles. What's said to be unique about it is the "double pump" wand that is supposed to give more volume by collecting more product on to the wand, I guess.

Well, you know how I feel about Maybelline mascaras! They are usually pretty good, and the waterproof versions hold my lashes curled all day pretty nicely. I also like that they are affordable and easily available. This Go Extreme is no different, it holds my curl all day and is also easy to remove. About the results, I think it give my lashes a great amount of volume! Definition-wise, I would like to see some more definition, but I guess you can't have everything. At least there are no major clumps!

Here's the before and after picture. It really makes a difference, and this is exactly why I don't usually go out the door without mascara, it just makes my eyes look more awake and...alive :D

I really like how this mascara makes my lashes look! Nice volume indeed! If you are looking for a waterproof mascara that gives you volume and holds your curl, this would be it.

For me there's only one problem... The brush is too big for my taste and unfortunately it makes the application a bit too difficult and messy. Most of the times I get mascara on my eyelids and it's difficult to remove it without messing up my eyeshadow. The more you are in a hurry, the more mess you make, I have noticed. I can live with that, yes, but I know there are mascaras that can make my lashes look as nice as this one but without the mess. So I will probably try another mascara next time. If you only look at the results, I think this is one of the best mascaras I have tried.

Does anyone else have problems with bigger brushes or is it just me..?

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Lumene CC Color Correcting Powder!

Hello there! Sorry for the lack of posts, this summer has been just crazy, it has been all work and no play basically. But it's getting better now, so I hope I have more time for blogging. I have a lot of new products I want to talk about..! Let's start with one that has become a new favourite, surprisingly..! It's the CC Color Correcting Powder from Lumene.

Let's just make it clear out there that I absolutely still love my beloved Nude Magique BB Powder from L'Oréal, I really do. I just wanted to try a new powder and this one was for a nice discount so I went for it... And I just might have fallen in love....again!
Lumene has a CC foundation that people seem to love so of course they must have a CC Powder out too. It's said to be a 6 in 1 powder, this is what Lumene promises that this powder would do:

Sounds kind of nice, doesn't it...? It comes only in two shades, mine is the lighter one Light / Medium. I thought it would be too dark, because it looks quite dark in the pan. But then when I swatched it, it seemed to match my skin perfectly!

It comes with a mirror and a sponge. I prefer a big powder brush or a kabuki, but the sponge is nice for touch ups.

Looks quite dark in the pan...let's not forget that I'm as pale as a ghost. But no fear, it seems to blend in with your my skin tone!

I like the mirror and I like that it's different from the Nude Magique packaging where you have to flip the powder to see the mirror. This is much more easier on the go!

Light / Medium is a neutral color which seem to have a color correcting feature. I have some red areas on my face, especially around my nose and it seems to neutralize redness to a certain level. It gives some coverage, which I like, but it doesn't look cakey. Also the finish is velvety smooth and it seems that it gives a very subtle sheen to my skin! It is matte, but velvety, like the name says. This is why I like it more than Nude Magique, because of the finish. This powder from Lumene is a bit heavier than Nude Magique, but I like that it gives better coverage. I've been using it alone as base and also as a setting powder. Works great both ways.

Just look how creamy it is..!

Here's the swatch, as you can see, it really blends in with my skin tone. It doesn't look too dark at all. Perfect!

Here's the inci:

I think that it does 5 out of the 6 things it promises. I'm not really sure about the moisturizing abilities, it does seem to have some good ingredients at the end of the list, but to me it doesn't feel moisturizing because let's face it, it's a powder. However, 5 out of the six is really nice. I really like this powder a lot, this is my second one already. What I also like is that it's not that expensive, it retails around 14€ here in Finland, I paid 9€ for mine with a discount so sometimes you can get pretty good deals. Lumene is also widely available here in Finland. Don't tell my Nude Magique waiting in my drawer that I just may like this CC powder better...! I highly recommend it and if you are fair like me, don't be afraid to try it, it really is not that dark on the skin than it looks in the pan.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Review: Benefit the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder!

I couldn't help myself, I felt like I needed this...! I ordered this relatively new loose powder thing from Benefit, I'm sure you all have heard of it by now. It's called the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Shine-vanishing Pro Powder. Basically it's a loose powder in a new type of handbad friendly packaging to help with the fight against shine. I myself have oily skin, so I like to try new things, eventhough I know they don't really erase the problem. But if there's something out there that helps my makeup last just a little bit longer during the day, I'm interested!

I love Benefit, I like how they come up with new, innovative stuff in lovely packaging. The POREfessional is no different.

The packaging is something that made me think if it's going to work at all, it feels a bit cheap and plastic. It has a tiny brush at the bottom that you twist out. Then you open the cap, dispense some product in the cap, the brush fits perfectly in there. I had my doubts since the brush is really small but it's really convenient on the go! Also there is no mess.

The powder itself is finely milled powder with nice, soft texture. It makes my skin feel silky soft, I must say. It says on the box that it helps erase the look of pores, I'm not sure if it does that since I don't consider my pores to be that big of a problem. About the shine thing, I do notice that it sets my foundation really nicely but I don't know if it does any oil absorbing or anything like that. But then again, I don't mind and I didn't expect it would. It's a nice loose powder in lovely fun looking packaging. I like it!

Here's the inci for those interested. I must say that it has some ingredients that don't sound so good. But I guess without the silicones it wouldn't feel so silky smooth or help hide larger pores.

The powder is slightly on the yellow side, but it doesn't look yellow on the skin, I would say it's transparent.
All and all, I like the texture and the packaging and the fact that it's a handbag friendly loose powder. What I don't like is the amount of product you get with your money, Benefit is a bit on the pricey side after all. You only get 7.0 g / 0.24 oz, that's not much for a powder. I got mine from for £23.50 30,31€. At it seems to be for $30. So not the cheapest loose powder out there, but I'm quite happy with my purchase! :)

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