Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: Lumene Beauty Base Matifying And Retexturising Primer

The battle against shine is endless, at least in my case. During the summer my skin gets even more oilier, if that's possible, and I need to use primer on a daily basis to prevent my makeup from a complete meltdown. I have found the perfect primer already, it's the De-slick In A Tube from Urban Decay, but the nature of a makeup junkie stops me from buying the same product over and over again. That is why I bought this primer from Lumene, after reading some good reviews of it, naturally. The name is a monster, Beauty Base Matifying and Retexturizing Primer.

I've used this primer for a couple of months now so I thought a review would be in place. As you can see, I've used it quite a lot. It's a pretty decent size tube, you get 25 ml / 0.83 fl oz for under 14€, the prices vary, I paid 9,90€ from mine at a local supermarket.

The primer itself feels like any other silicone based primer. Very different from De-slick, but not so different from any other primers that I've tried. It feels nice when you apply it, it's easy and quick to blend on the face.
I was a little sceptical about its abilities to keep my skin less shiny or oily already in the beginning. Let's face it, I know there isn't a primer or a product that could keep the oils at bay completely, but what I'm looking for from a primer is a smoother canvas for my makeup, smaller pores and a couple of hours to push back the blotting.

Compared to my beloved De-slick In A Tube from Urban Decay, De-slick plays in a totally different leaque, unfortunately. Lumene has done a great job, but for people with real issues with shine and oily skin, it doesn't do much. Yes, it makes a nice surface for your foundation and smooths the surface of the skin a little but it doesn't make my makeup last that much longer. During an 8 hour work day, there's definitely some blotting needed and towards the end of the day I can see some melting. This coming from a person who really battles with oily skin. But it's still better than using foundation on it's own, so it does something for my skin too!

You only need a little dap, if you apply too much it doesn't blend nicely and starts to peel of. This amount would be enough for the whole face.

As you can see, it's silicone based, so it creates a nice surface to apply foundation on. It tones done my pores and smoothes the surface of my skin a little. I wish it would have helped me with my oily skin, but unfortunately it's not doing much for me. Keep in mind that I write this review based on my experiences, and I do have very oily skin. It didn't work so great for me, but it could work for someone with less difficult skin type. If you have combination or normal skin, I think it would be a perfect primer to use under foundation! For oily skin types, it helps a little but doesn't work that well as "oil-absorbing" primer, like it says on the packaging, but it does give a smooth surface and it helps foundation glide on easier. What I do like is the affordable price and good availability here in Finland. I will use this up and then move on to something else :)

Thanks for reading!

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