Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: Lip Pens by H&M! Papaya Punch & Love That Pink

As you may know, I do love a good bargain! I try to find good quality products with affordable prices and I think I have found some once again. My latest experiment with H&M makeup was not that good, but this time I was really surprised. These twist-up Lip Pens are great stuff :) Here's my quick review and swatches.

First of all, I really like the packaging! Very nice, not cheap looking at all in my opinion.

 I got two shades, Love That Pink and Papaya Punch.

Love That Pink is a lighter pink color that seemes to be more on the cool side. Not my choise of color usually, but I have found myself reaching for this over the coral colors recently. It's almost on the border of looking tacky if you apply too much, of course some people can pull off this kind of pinks, but on my fair skin they may look a bit off. But still, I've been loving it!

Papaya Punch is a lovely coral color. Very pretty!

Papaya Punch (top) and Love That Pink
I really like the consistency of these, they feel more like lipbalm, very moisturizing and just lovely.
They wear off pretty easily but I don't mind really, I can reapply and get some moisture on my lips at the same time too. The color payoff is ok, they're quite sheer but still buildable.

These lip pens retail for 3,95€ each but I actually got them 50 % off so mine were under 2€ each. Really nice, I think I will be getting all of the colors.. :)

Thanks for reading!

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