Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review: GOSH Amazing Length'n Build Waterproof Mascara!

Another waterproof mascara review for you! I have many favourite waterproof mascaras that have been proved to be great and work on my lashes well, but still I can't stop trying out mascaras that I haven't tried yet. This time I wanted to try a mascara from GOSH, it't their Amazing Length'n Build Waterproof Mascara. I got a nice discount so I had to pay only around 7€ for this mascara. So why not try it!

I like GOSH as a brand, I like that many of their products are scent-freem or at least they used to be. I actually owned quite many products from them before I started blogging, I had some of their eyeshadows, glosses, a primer and a foundation and I really liked everything I had.

I don't usually go for the lenghtening versions because my lashes are relatively long already but they need some volume and definition. What I expect from a waterproof mascara is that it needs to hold my lashes curled all day. If it gives me volume and separation, that is a plus! As you may know, my lashes are super straight and stiff, so I need to use waterproof mascara to hold them nice and curled all day.

It has a regural brush with soft bristles. The brush doesn't coat my lashes with one swipe, I have to work with it a little to cover my lashes completely. The brush is not that big, which I like, the big ones usually are more messy to use in my opinion.

I think that my lashes look ok here! I would have liked them to be more voluminous but then again this was not that type of mascara. What I would have wanted more was separation, now I think my lashes look a bit too clumped together. But not in a crazy spider lashes way though :)

What disappointed me was that I'm not really sure if it's truly a waterproof mascara. It definitely doesn't hold my curl all day, I can see some straightening happening almost right after application. It's also super easy to remove, so that's why I have some doubts. Usually waterproof mascaras can be a bit difficult to remove but not this one.

If you are looking for a mascara that is truly waterproof, then I cannot recommend this to you. If you are looking for an inexpensive, nicely lenghtening basic mascara, then I think it's worth trying, normally it retails around 10€ here in Finland, so not bad at all.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Kind of stupid that it's not waterproof! But it still seems a good mascara :) x

    1. Yes, very disappointing! Still very nice though but I won't be purchasing it again. I'm now using OnebyOne from Maybelline, it's great! :)