Friday, May 30, 2014

Current Favourites May 2014! :)

It's been a while so why not write a few words about the products that I've been loving lately!

Naked 3 has been one of the biggest and most successfull purchases of this year so far, I have been using it a lot more than I expected. I love the colors, especially the darker ones, Darkside and Mugshot are my favourites! Review here.

In the blush and bronzer department I have a few products that I've been reaching more over the others, I've really been loving Dolce Pink from Milani, MAC Melba and then Elf Studio Baked Bronzer in St. Lucia.

Dolce Pink gives a nice flush of color and has been something refreshing to use after using all of those peachy tones for so long. This also matches with my current favourite lip color... Dolce Pink blends like a dream too, you can never go wrong with it! It is quite shimmery but the shimmers aren't chunky.

MAC Powder Blush in Melba is fairly new addition to my blush collection, but I've been loving it a lot, I mean a lot. I really like it, it's something different too. Peachy, but different.

Elf Studio Baked Bronzer in St. Lucia is great for fair skin, it gives a nice glowing color without looking fake of too overwhealming. I've been using it a lot!

Here's some of my eye makeup favourites. After some disappointing mascara experiments I went back to One by One from Maybelline, and I really like it. BrowDrama Sculpting Brow Mascara has replaced a brow pencil from my makeup routine, all I really need is this. It gives color just the right amount and keeps my brows in place. I highly recommend :)

I got Brulee from Wet n Wild  to replace my MAC Blanc Type, and I must say that I like Brulee better! It's more pigmented and covers my red lids better than Blanc Type did. I go through nude eyeshadows quickly because I have to use it in covering purposes, so this is a really inexpensive alternative for Blanc Type. But I think we can't buy Wet n Wild here in Finland anymore, it's sad because I love their eyeshadows, specially the palettes.

On to the lip products! I have fallen in love again with lipgloss, thanks to Urban Decay. I have three of these Naked Lipglosses and Lovechild has really become the favourite one. I love how these glosses feel on the lips, very moisturizing, and I also love the pink hue of color that Lovechild gives. Lovely, just lovely.

I recently got two of the Lip Pens by H&M, and I really been loving the color Love That Pink. This is not a typical lip color for me at all but somehow I've been really loving it. I love the consistency of these too. Read the review here.

MAC Vegas Volt has also become one of the lip favourites for this summer. A bright coral color with a lovely, moisturizing texture. Really lovely!

It is no secret that I love mangos and the Mango range from The Body Shop. I've used the Body Butter, Body Mist and the lotion from this range a lot, so I really wanted the perfume as well. It smells just teeny tiny slightly different than the Body Mist, but still like I've been swimming in a pool of mangos. I'm very picky about perfumes, but this scent has really captured my heart.

I forgot to include on more favourite in the picture, it's my shattered Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay. I've been using the lighter colors a lot as base colors on my lid but then also I've been using Faint as a liner and  Naked 2 as a contour color, surprisingly it works very well in that job since it's super pigmented and neutral toned.

I also wanted to include the Nude Magique BB Powder from L'Oréal, but it was in my last favourites so I left it out. Yes, it's still the only powder I use, I love it.

Any new summer favourites that you think I should try? Let me know :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ihania suosikkeja! Varsinkin nuo poskipunat ovat todella upeita. Kiva kuulla, että elfin aurinkopuuteri on toimiva, sitä on minullekin tulossa ihan lähiaikoina. Wet n' Wildia saa muuten edelleen Pretty.fistä, siellä on ihan kiva kokoelma kaikenlaista. Ulkomailla kosmetik4lesissä taisi merkkiä olla kanssa.

    1. Täytyypäs tutkailla Prettyn valikoimaa, kiitos vinkistä...! Tuolla kosmetik4lessin sivuilla olenkin usien täytellyt ostoskoria, mutta en ole vielä tilannut :D Olen kyllä ollut tyytyväinen tuohon elfin aurinkopuuteriin, ei ole liian tumma eikä liian pigmenttinen mutta tuo silti kivasti väriä.