Thursday, April 17, 2014

Small MAC Haul! :)

I live very far a away from the nearest MAC counter but I did get to visit MAC some time ago. I purchased a few products that I'm exited about!

We meet again...

I was so sad after I finished my beloved Soft and Gentle MSF, so I knew that I wanted to get a new one. While I was at the MAC counter, I swatched Lightscapade too, but to me it seemed just a bit too cool toned and pearly. I have really liked the soft look Soft and Gentle gives me, so I decided to get a new one and leave Lightscapade for the next time. I know I'm going to get it sooner or later, but I just couldn't justify getting both. These MSFs cost 28,50€ here in Finland.

I had six empty MAC products, so I got a free lipstick. I wanted a coral color, and the lovely makeup artist at the MAC counter chose a perfect color for the spring for me, Vegas Volt. I couldn't wait to take pictures before using it, I just had to put it on later that evening. I really like it, I will review it later.

The blush was an impuls buy. I was looking at the blushes and the makeup artist suggested that we try on the peachy blush that I had my eye on. And this was where I saw the light. She had a totally different way of applying blush than I do, and it looked so good on me. I mean so good and so different! I have never had my makeup done by a professional, but now I'm thinking I really should, just to learn more about different techniques. She applied Melba on the top of my cheek bones and almost over, which I thought you can't do, but it really looked great on me. Then of course I wanted the blush because it just looked so good. I've been using it everyday ever since. Melba also goes lovely together with Vegas Volt. I will do a separate post about Melba soon! I paid 23,50€ for it.

This was my haul, it made me happy, especially I've been liking Melba a lot. Pictures of it in action coming soon :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aih, ihania! Mulla on Melba ja se on ihana, sopii tosi moniin meikkeihin ja on kauniin luonnollinen. :)

    1. Melba oli kyllä hyvä ostos :) tällä jotenkin vaan onnistuu joka kerta ja näyttää hyvältä myös näin vaaleahipiäisellä. Tietenkin nyt himoitsen lisää MAC poskipunia ;)