Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: Stila Custom Color Blushes :)

More blushes! I wanted to review these two Custom Color Blushes from Stila for you, because I personally think these are quite unique and interesting products. I got two of the blushes, Self-adjusting Coral and Self-adjusting Pink.

 I couldn't decide which one to get, so I got both. I really like the black packaging! I just wish the lid was see-through, now I have to check the color from the back. Anyways, it's nice and small, great for traveling. And black is my favourite color, so.. The blushes come with a mirror, that's always a plus.

Just look at the brightness here! Especially the pink one, I sure did not expect them to be this bright or vibrant. The pink looks so scary in the pan. But lovely at the same time.

The first time I swatched Coral on the back of my hand I thought it turned a bit muddy and even more darker than it looked in the pan. But I tried it on anyway (with a light hand) and it actually didn't look that bad on my cheeks, it somehow looked natural. After a while it actually seemed that it started to adjust to my skin, so it didn't look muddy or too dark at all, just coral. That was unexpected because I actually didn't think it would work on my skin at all. Coral was easy to work with, easy to blend. Heavily pigmented!

I tried to capture the golden shimmers in the Coral blush, you can definitely see some of that in the pan. On the cheeks the shimmers don't show that much. Here's how Coral looks on my fair skin. Looks quite nice and it's actually wearable. You just have use a small amount and blend well.

The Pink color scared me in the beginning and it actually took me a while to test it out. It looks super scary pink in the pan, so I kind of automatically thought that this bubble gum pink would be too bright for my pale complexion. But I was wrong!

It actually looks nice and is totally wearable, even on me. This color was a little bit more difficult to work with because it's so bright and pigmented, so you have to be very careful with the application and blend super well. But it works, amazingly. I did notice that it looked a little less pink after a while and looked a bit warmer than in the pan. Could it really be self-adjusting? I don't know how that would work. It looks nice though!

Here's some swatches on the back of my hand. As you can see, they are crazy pigmented! This is just one swipe! I would say a synthetic blush brush or a stippling brush would be the best options for applying these blushes, just to avoid getting too much color on the brush at once. And as you can see here, they look quite different on the back of my hand that they do on my cheeks...!

They may look bright and scary in the pan, but do not be scared! The palest girl in town has tested and approved these blushes for you, and I can tell you, they look very different after you have applied them on.
Very high quality indeed. These blushes retail around  16€ ($20 on www.stilacosmetics.com), so they are not the most expensive ones out there, I would call them a good investment. I higly recommend to try these out. Coral has become one of my favourites and will be used a lot during this spring and summer!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Näyttävät tosiaan hurjilta pannussa, mutta luonnollisilta kasvoilla. Nyt ei ole ollenkaan "blush overdone", vaikka sekään ei olisi ollenkaan paha asia ;)

    1. Täytyy myöntää että on parina päivänä tuolla Coralilla lipsahtanut "vahingossa" pikku överit, mutta ei se haittaa, onneksi täällä ymmärretään ;) Pitäähän näin upeiden värien näkyä :D