Monday, March 10, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette :)

Well then, I finally caved in and got it, the prettiest thing ever that I will use rarely but love even more, the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. Just couldn't resist anymore...! It's my first Naked palette (well, I have the Naked Basics but that doesn't count..) and I really don't mind that it has such a pretty packaging, I love the rose gold theme that's going on here.

Here are some pictures of the brand new palette and some (really bad) swatches and my first toughts on the palette. I try to do some EOTDs for you later, I mean it this time :)


I really tried to fight it because I don't use eyeshadows that often. But then Charming Nails said that it's the perfect palette for green eyes. Had to have it then ;)

Look at all this prettiness! To me this looks like a cool toned palette, but then when I did some swatches the colors looked surprisingly warm on my fair skin. Well, can't wait to try some looks with it. I especially like the darked end of the palette.

  • Stange  is pale nude color, it has almost matte finish. I don't see any pink in this though. It matches my skin tone perfectly and it's also very pigmented. One of my favourites.
  • Dust is a light pink color with warm tones in it. It's quite glittery and I must say it's very hard to work with, it was really hard to swatch it because it's also powdery. I would use it only with a sticky base. Not my favourite because of the bad quality.
  • Burnout is a more of that rose gold that this palette is all about. It's much better in consistency than Dust, satiny finish and lovely pigmentation! My favourite as an all over lid color.
  • Limit is a cooler toned pink with matte finish. A great blending color, easy to blend and soft in texture.

  • Buzz is a dusty rose color with almost a metallic finish, very soft, feels almost a bit too soft for my taste. Lovely color though.
  • Trick is definitely a warm coppery color that has the same metallic finish and feel to it like Buzz. Very soft and pigmented, may cause some fall out..I don't like this color that much because copper is not something I would wear that often.
  • Nooner is one of my favourites, it's a darker version of Limit and has that lovely, soft matte finish. It's definitely pink but has some brown in it. I must say that the mattes in this palettes are just perfect.
  • Liar is a brown pink with metallic finish. Absolutely amazing pigmentation and texture. Lovely to use and blend! I hope it would be just a little bit on the cooler side.

  • Factory is a darker brown color with a hint of pink in it. Lovely texture, subtle satin finish. Lovely!
  • Mugshot is a metallic taupe color with warmer tones, I really love this one too. Very easy to work with, very soft texture.
  • Darkside is a cool toned dark brown with purple tones. It's very pigmented and it has a satin finish. My favourite of all of the color, I love cool toned, purple taupe color all the way :) Can't wait to try a smokey eye with it.
  • Blackheart is a dark burgundy color with some reddish shimmers in it. It's not really black but looks really dark.
Darkside is my favourite so far, no surprises there!

Here's some really bad swatches, I don't know how it's this hard to fit all the colors in one picture...!

Is it just me or does the colors turn a bit warmer against my skin? I see more warm colors here than cooler ones.. Well anyway, a good selection of shimmery and matte colors for creating different types of looks. Money well spent. I ordered mine through and I paid around 46€ for it. The delivery was fast too. Nice deal, plus it made me a little bit happier so you can't put a price on that. And they say material possessions don't make you happy, well this one sure made me ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Eiii! Just kun olin jo vähän saanut tätä kaunista kaveria pois mielestä! Tosi kauniit swatchit. :) Vaadin meikkikuvia!

    1. Kyllä tätä voi yrittää vastustella hetken, mutta minäkin lankesin, eikä kyllä kaduta, tuskin sinäkään katuisit ;))) meikkikuvia tulossa! Ja ehkä uudet swatchit, en ole ihan tyytyväinen näihin kun ovat miten sattuu :D

  2. Tämä on minun suosikkini Naked-paleteista! Aivan ihana <3 Hyvä, että ostit tämän! Swatcheissakaan ei ole mitään vikaa :)

    1. Kyllä on aivan ihana, kannatti hankkia! :) oikein odotan että pääsen aamulla taas meikkaamaan tällä, harvinaista minulle kun yleensä tasoitan vain luomen väriä ja laitan ripsiväriä :D

  3. No pöh, nuo swatchit ovat ihania!

    Paletti on mulle matkalla, en malttaisi odottaa! Toivottavasti munkin iholla sävyt taittavat enemmän lämpimämpään päin, kun sulla ne näyttävät tosi hyvältä :)

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