Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Little Brush Cleaning Operation :)

I was about to start washing my dirty brushes and thought why not take some pictures of the process. To me it's a task I don't like doing but I know it's necessary to keep your makeup tools nice and clean. I have acne prone skin so anything that might cause my skin to break out I take seriously.

So let's start with a nice pile of dirty brushes! I usually have even more brushes that need to be washed but because I don't really enjoy this washing process I decided to not let the pile of dirty brushes to grow any longer and just get on with it.

I wash my brushes with shampoo, I know there are more sensitive ways to do it, like using Marseille soap or baby shampoo, but I've washed some of these brushes with a regular shampoo for years now and they still are in great condition and feel like brand new brushes, so I don't see why you can't wash you brushes like this.

I wash the bristles of my brushes under running water, gently swirl them against my palm with shampoo and then rinse and make sure they really are clean and there's no shampoo residue.

Then I gently squeeze out the excess water with a clean towel and shape the bristles back to their shape.

At this point I'm already exhausted so I need a sip of green tea from my lovely Angry Birds - tea mug, so cute don't you think... :)

Sometimes, if I have the patience, I also like to disinfect the brush handels too because they can be also dirty and have makeup residue. I use a spray cleaner for that, this one is from Kicks, I also use it to spot clean my brushes but not that often, let's be honest here :)

And here they are, placed neatly on a towel and left to dry (they look almost too organized, don't they). It takes almost two days to get the bigger and thicker brushes completely dry, the smaller ones are ready to go the next day.

Hope you found this post helpful! Thanks for reading!

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