Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Maybelline Browdrama Brow Sculpting Mascara in Dark Brown!

Finally a review! I have been shopping makeup very little lately, which is why there haven't been any new reviews in this blog lately. But now I finally have a review for you, I recently got this (new?) BrowDrama Brow Sculpting Mascara from Maybelline. I got the darkest shade called Dark Brown. I usually use black on my brows, since they are black or greyish but this one seemed to have a nice ashy tone, it didn't seem to have any reddish brown tones so I gave it a try! Here's my quick review with an exessive amount of pictures of my brows.

The other thing I was sceptical about besides the color, was the brush. It's the round ball type brush that doesn't usually work as a mascara brush so I had my doubts about it. Hmm. The only way to use it is with the ball end, so I don't know why they have extended the brush towards the bottom. Weird.

The top of the brush collects excess product so you have to be careful not to apply too much at once. I you remember this, you can make it work!

Here's swatches of the Dark Brown color. As you can see, the brush dispenses the product a little unevenly. The product itself is not crazy pigmented so you can build up the color to the level you want it to be.

Here's my brows in their natural state. I've been trying to grow them to look a little bit fuller!

Here's the results, I think the color looks quite natural on my brows! I really like it, even though I had my doubts about it. It doesn't look too brown, it just looks darker. Lovely! The Browdrama gives my brows some depth and holds them in place nicely. The consistency is very nice.

Overall I like the Browdrama! It is easier to use than a brow pencil, which I have prefered in the past, it looks that the brow mascara is the only thing would need, I don't see any major gaps that would need filling. I haven't used this mascara with an eyebrow pencil, I've used it just on its own and I like it. I think the look would get too dark if I used a pencil and then apply this coloured mascara, I prefer a clear brow gel when I'm using a pencil to fill in my brows.
The only thing I don't like is the brush, the ball brush can dispense too much product at once, so I would like to see a regular brush with the mascara, but I guess you can't have everything! It retailed around 7€, which is nice. If you like this type of eyebrow products, I recommed you give it a try! It sure surprised me.

Thanks for reading!

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