Sunday, January 12, 2014

Small Winter Sales Haul!

Finally some daylight! I managed to take some pictures, so I have some new posts coming out soon.
Let's start with a haul! I did a little sales shopping online and in my local department store, got some necessities and also one item that I didn't really need but wanted anyway. All of the items were pretty inexpensive so I'm happy!

The first thing on my shopping list was a new powder. I've been loving the Nude Magique BB Powder A LOT, so I got a new one. This one was from, since it's much cheaper there than here in Finland.

I also needed a new mascara and there was a limited selection of waterproof ones to choose from so I decided to pick The Rocket from Maybelline. I didn't remember that I wasn't really fond of it the last time but I'll give it a second chance. Here's my review on it if you want to take a look.

I needed a new concealer and I noticed that L'oréal sells in their True Match line here in Finland a color that it's very fair, (I believe that it's called Ivory). I got a discount so I decided to go for it. A review coming up soon!

I completely lost my last Tweezerman slant tweezers some time ago and I had to get a new ones. I actually got these pink ones before Christmas, they were on sale at The color selection was quite poor so I ended up getting the pink ones again. I then later found my old tweezers so these are still untouched. I think I'm going to get rid of the old ones soon.

Some of the Color Tattoo colors from Maybelline were on sale, so ended up getting a color called Pink Gold. I did not need it, but really wanted it since my Permanent Taupe has started to dry out and I have really liked that one. I will review this one later too! The color looks absolutely amazingly pretty in the jar.

I'm very pleased with my sales catch, I saved some money and also got the pretty Pink Gold to try out.

Thanks for reading!

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