Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review: L'Oréal True Match Concealer in Ivory!

I always must try something new, even though I know I have found the perfect product for me already. That is why I was sucked into buying the True Match Concealer from L'Oréal. I was going to get the FitMe Concealer from Maybelline, since it has been my favourite for a long time now, BUT I noticed that True Match line had a very nicely fair color! This one is in the shade Ivory and let me tell you fair gals, it really is light!

What a long name...! True Match Skin Tone Matching Correctin Concealer. That's a handful.

Does it work then? It feels a bit sheer when you first apply it but then when you start blending it, it starts to show more pigmentation and then when it dries it really gives a nice, full coverage. After drying it also feels light on the skin, so no cakey feeling here!

As you can see, Ivory is very light! It has a yellow base, but when I blend it, it blends in with my skin tone, but in order to match my skin perfectly this Ivory color should be just a little more on the neutral side. If I apply it on larger areas like under the eyes, it just looks wrong. Therefore I've been only using it mainly to cover up blemishes and for that it works great, if you have the time to work with it a bit.

This concealer has a lot of potential, I wish it would have been a better match though. Surely I did compare it with the FitMe concealer and I must say that I like FitMe more, it just has a better consistency. It's more pigmented, creamier and easier to blend. But I must say that I'm very pleased that L'Oréal keeps their color selection wide so us pale girls have options to choose from too.

What I don't like is the small amount of product you get with your money, here in Finland this concealer is quite expensive considering it's a drugstore product, so I would like to have a good amount of product with my money. But then again, a little drop of this goes a long way so it will last a long time.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Fit Me -paiteaine on kyllä ihan ässä, mutta tämä vaikuttaa kanssa mielenkiintoiselta. Oon tykännyt Lorkun Touche Magique "valokynästä" tosi paljon sy-iholla ja mietin, että mitenköhän tämä vertautuu siihen. Pitää varmaan ostaa testiin ja kokeilla :)

    1. Muistaakseni minullakin on ollut joskus tuo Lorkun valokynä, joka oli tosin liian tumma itselleni valokynäksi käytettävänä. Mutta muistelen että oli aika peittävä! Tässä Ivoryssä on aika keltainen pohja, ja ei siksi itselläni toimi silmänalusilla mutta muuten oikein hyvä! Eikun testiin :)

  2. I have this too, and I agree that it's a bit too yellow.

    BTW if you want to try more concealers, Clarins concealer stick is VERY light and quite neutral in color. It's actually too light for me to use on blemishes, but works great under eyes. I'm not sure though if the lightest shade is available here, I bought mine online.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I used to have one foundation from Clarins that was a perfect match and was truly fair so I guess they have a good color selection. I don't usually like the stick form in concealers but will check it out next time at their counter! :)