Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Eyeshadow Haul + Swatches! :)

After getting rid of my old eyeshadow palettes I placed an order at Coastal Scents. Everything was 40% off so I did not pay that much for the Hot Pot eyeshadow pans, only $1,17 each! I also couldn't stay away from the brushes so I also got a few of them....
Coastal Scents delivered my order very quickly! I'm very pleased with their service and most of all, their prices. I decided to show the brushes in a separate post because this one is going to be picture heavy!

I got a total of eight shadow pots, and I actually got them the Z-palette in mind, I'm going to order it soon. They also sent me four small sample pots, so nice!

I somehow picked colors that have green tones, I really seem to be fond of the neutral green tones at the moment. I think it was the Comfort Zone palette from Wet'n'wild that has got me gravitated towards the lovely green colors.

Gypsy green -A lovely neutral golden green, satin finish
Dark Golden Olive - A lovely darker olive green with gold sheen

Coastal Scents Hot Pots in Green Steel (left) and Dark Olive Green
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Green Steel
Green Steel on the right. I don't see green, I see taupe! A lovely cool taupe with a tiny hint of green. Perfect!
Ashen - A light brown taupe, on the warm side, satin finish
Ashen - does it look a bit green here next to the other green toned ones?

Gypsy Night - A dark brow with some shimmer

  Gypsy Night on the left
Coastal Scents Hot Pot Polished Ivory
Polished Ivory is warm yellow gold highlight color. To me this is not really ivory, but I think this goes nicely together with the green toned shadows!
Burnish Brunette - A matte dark brown, cool toned.
Incognito - a deep matte black, very pigmented!
Burnished Brunette on the left, Incognito on the right

I also got this free sample with four different colours. My favourite is Rainstorm, a deep metallic navy blue. Super pretty! Swatch below.

All of the shadows have a pretty good pigmentation, Incognito is amazingly pigmented. Can't wait to see how these perform with a primer, in these pictures the swatches are done without a primer. I really am pleased with these! Considering how inexpensive these are even with full price, I can't help but love them!

I really wanted to get a true cool toned taupe, but was unable to find one in their selection. They didn't have swatches on their website and after looking at some swatches on google, I really thought Ashen would be a cool toned light taupe. But instead it has warmer gold based sheen, not silvery or purple like I wish it would have been. Also Polished Ivory is a little bit too gold for my taste, I wish it would have been more on the cooler side and not so yellow. But I'm super lucky I picked out Green Steel, it's my favourite of all of them! Dark Golden Olive is also a very lovely color, can't wait to try it in a smokey eye.

Does anyone know which on of the Coastal Scents Hot Pots is a truly cool silvery taupe? If you do, please leave a comment :)

Thanks for reading!

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