Friday, January 3, 2014

Cleaning the makeup drawer...and the pain of letting go :)

I have been avoiding this, but now since we are entering a new year, it really was time to clean out some of the old and questionable makeup items from my drawer. Now, this is quite normal for normal makeup consumers, you throw old stuff away and replace it with new stuff, no feelings hurt. But if you are a collector like me, you don't want to get rid of anything, at least not without taking a trip down the memory lane and share a few tears together first.

NYX I Dream of Jamaica (review here) has been one of my all time favourite eyeshadow palettes. It has it all, the perfect taupe, the perfect highlight color and the perfectly pigmented dark brown. I really don't want to let this one go but I have to face the truth, it has started to smell a bit funky and I don't want to use it anymore for the sake of my eyes. I have very sensitive eyes that turn red even with makeup that doesn't smell bad so I just don't want to risk it anymore. I'm in tears, I will miss that taupe. I'd like to get a replacement but it was sold out at Cherry Culture. Hope it returns soon.

NYX White Pearl. This is also at least three years old, so it's time to get rid of it. I haven't used it for a long time so it has to go. A lovely pearly white, great quality!

NYX Eyeshadow Trio in White/Gray/Black is also an old palette. I have mainly used the black, it's very pigmented, but now I have other blacks that I use more and this one is just old and neglected. I have also used the black with a wet brush so it feels a bit...icky.

NYX Eyeshadow Trio in Sahara/Suede/Chocolate has been loved, as you can see! It's also one of my oldest palettes so for sanitary reasons I don't feel like using it anymore. I have really liked the highlight color, but then again, I have others. Maybe not as soft and creamy as Sahara, but still, good riddance, my loved palette. Swatches of these two NYX palettes here.

Lastly, my Urban Decay De-slick Mattifying Powder needs to go. It's gone. It was an ok powder, you can read my review here. As crazy as it may sound, I have stored this empty powder case in my makeup drawer because it has such a pretty packaging. I must not tell anyone about this and throw it away right now.

You all know where this is leading....I NEED some new eye shadows! I really, really want a Z-palette and some new shadow pans to fill it with. I'm also thinking about depoting some of the colors from my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, because one of the colors was smashed when I dropped the palette and it's now a big mess. Z-palette, come home to mama soon..!

Thanks for reading!

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