Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review: Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Volume Mascara!

I'm back with another mascara review! I'm sorry for the lack of posts but I had some camera issues. And the other thing is that I live in the dark corner of the world so there's about 3 hours of daylight in a day at the moment, so taking pictures is quite a challenge...!

But let's move on to the review! I really like testing out new mascaras and I wanted to try yet another different mascara after using The Falsies and The Falsies Feather-Look for a while now. I saw this 2000 Calorie from Max Factor in Waterproof and realised I had not tried it yet!

My first impression was that it's really easy to use! It just went on really smoothly. You know what I mean? With some mascaras you really have to layer the mascara and wiggle the wand to cover every lash, but with this brush it was super easy to apply and it covered my lashes with only a few strokes. Fast application, I really appreaciate that in the mornings (I have to get up at six...)!

The brush is quite small and narrow so you can get the mascara easily right in the bottom of your lashes. The brush also feels soft, I don't know what it is but if a mascara has a soft brush I instantly like it. The Falsies Feather-Look has a quite harsh brush, maybe I've been using it for too long.

The mascara makes my lashes look pretty, but I kind of wish more definition and volume, it's not the best I've seen. I just like the easy application so much that I don't mind that the 2000 Calorie makes my lashes look just ok..!

I think it will give me more volume once it dries a little, these pictures were taken soon after I opended it. Usually I wouldn't repurchase a mascara that is "just ok", but this time I think I most likely will. It's just so easy and fast to use so I'm willing to give up some of the volume or definition that it's missing. Also it's has the right price, I remember paying around 10€ for it. At the end of the day my lashes we're a little bit straightened, but not to that point where it would bother me. Removing was easy!

All and all, this mascara has some flaws and it does not give me everything I want, but it's so easy and fast to use, I can't help but to love it!

Thanks for reading!