Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Most Loved Makeup Item: MAC MSF Soft and Gentle!

One of the most popular posts in my blog is my post about MAC's MSF Soft and Gentle. It used to look so pretty...

...and this is how it looks now! All gone and ready to go Back to MAC. We had so much fun together and it really made me feel pretty and special. It really was worth every penny. I sure will miss you.

I've been using the Candlelight from Too Faced but it's pretty clear that you can't even compare these two. Candlelight has bigger shimmers and gives a visible golden shimmery look, where Soft and Gentle used to give a more subtle glow, even though it was shimmery. It was just more finely milled than Candlelight. It was perfect. And I don't have a backup. Because I thought this day would never come. I don't think I can sleep tonight..?

It sure looks pretty, but I want to buy another MSF Soft and Gentle. I can't live without it!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette!

I'm excited! I rewarded myself for...well can't remember exactly what, but rewarded anyways with the Urban Decay Naked Basics eyeshadow palette. And it's lovely...!

I like the look and the case of this palette. However, it's the rubbery type like the NARS packaging, so I'm assuming it will get dirty pretty soon. Also the case is not the easiest one to open, you have to use your nails and girls who like to paint their nails know that that just won't do ;) I myself try to protect my nail polish from chipping so I have difficulties opening this palette.

I ordered my palette from hqhair.com and I must say I wasn't happy when it arrived. There wasn't any kind of material to protect the palette, it was loose in a cardboard box without any packing material. Don't they want their customers to recieve their items undamaged? That's not good service. Luckily the palette itself was not damaged. Well, the black color looked like someone had touched it. I just didn't want to make a complaint.

So on to the palette! Well, not just yet...I think I need to explain why I got this palette. I don't wear dark eyeshadow that often, I only use light nude colors to cover my red lids. Sometimes I line my lash line with black or dark brown eye shadow. That's basically all what I do with shadows. I wear a darker smokey eye sometimes when I go out, but that's not that often. I've been wanting a palette that would carry all my essential colors (matte nude, shimmery nude, taupe and black) and almost ordered a freedom palette from Inglot but then I decided to get the Naked Basics instead. Just because it seemed more interesting and I've heard great things about it. And just take a look at it, and the swatches!

There's six eyeshadows, five of them are matte and one is satin (Venus). All of them feel soft and are super pigmented, especially the two darker colors. I can see myself doing some darker smokey eye looks too with this palette, but the main reason I got it was the lighter shades because those I use daily.

I wish the browns in this palette were just a little bit more on the cool side, then it would be perfect. But the three nude colors are just perfect for my everyday use. And the black is the most intense and pigmented black I own, just amazing!


So far I've been really liking this palette. Despite the case that's difficult to open! With a discount I paid only 20€ of my palette, now that's a pretty fair deal for six high quality shadows. If you don't have yours yet, I highly recommed you get it, this palette really has all the basics you need!

Maybe I'll do an EOTD for you tomorrow, let's see.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Skin Care Haul! :)

I've learned that natural cosmetics have the best results on my skin. I sometimes stray from the path, that is the true nature of a cosmetic junkie and you can't fight that, but I always seem to be the most happy with my skin when I'm going all natural with my face products. My acne prone skin seems to like it!

Let's start with Mádara skin care set for oily/combination skin. I have repurchased it many times and always go back to Mádara. It just works for me. It keeps my acne prone skin in balance and helps with the oilyness. Highly recommend if you have a oily and acne prone skin.

I paid around 40€ for this set and you really get some good stuff with your money. You get three products; Purifying Foam Cleanser, Purifying Toner and the best part, Deep Moisture Gel.

The Purifying Foam cleanser. I really like it, it cleans my skin very nicely but doesn't make it dry. It does the job very well! Some might not like the scent but I'm fine with it.

The Purifying Toner. Lovely, so effective! It has some alcohol in it but my skin is fine with that. This toner makes my skin feel extra clean! I would not recommend this to sensitive skin types, it can feel a bit harsh because of the alcohol.

The Deep Moisture Gel. This is the stuff. If you have oily skin, you really need to try this. It's very light and sinks in fast. It's been so far the only product that has really helped me keeping my skin less oily. It's quite expensive if you buy it separately, around 26€, but in the set it's more affordable.

Lavera My Age Lifting Serum (around 25€). I got it just because I was curious. I've been having some wrinkle issues lately because of lack of moisture, so I thought this would be helpful. I have just started using it, and I must say that I like it a lot. It does feel very light and seems to vanish into my skin in seconds (due to a high level of alcohol, I'd guess). We just have to wait and see what it can do for me. I use it only at night under my night cream. It is light, so maybe I'll try it in the morning too.

Benecos Body Cream. I liked this one so much that I ordered two backups. Around 6€ each.

Benecos Hand Cream For Happy Hands, cute name :) I really like this one, absorbs quickly so great for work. The consistency feels nice and it has only a light scent to it. Paid around 4€ of mine, now that's a really nice price for a natural hand cream! The tube is quite small though.

I wish I could do a makeup haul soon, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to wait for a while. I just have to keep on growing that wish list of mine... Well ok, I admit, I did order something from Urban Decay. Just one small tiny thing.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

NOTD: Lumene Gloss & Care Nail Polish in Twilight! :)

Yes, finally a NOTD! Is it wrong to be waiting for Christmas already? I kind of get in the mood everytime I look at this new nail polish of mine from Lumene. It does look festive! It's the perfect red with some cranberry tones, with a frosty finish. I'd say it's the perfect time to start hauling some new Holiday polishes, right?

This one is in the color Twilight. I tried to capture the micro shimmers but failed. This color looks frosty on the nails, but then again in some lighting it doesn't look that frosty. I would say it's very subtle frosty.

As you can see, the color looks different in different lighting. Inside it actually looks darker, almost burgundy, definitely more cranberry..ish. In the natural sun light it looks lighter and more red, and more shimmery. It's really hard to describe this one! One word, lovely :)

This polish surprised me with the quality. I did my nails on Sunday, and on Thursday it's still looked flawless. Just a little bit of wearing off at the tips, (mainly because I beat the keyboard so hard at work), but still no chipping! I'm planning on getting more colors for sure. I already have two of the darker colors (shown in my favourites post).

I can't remember the price for these Gloss & Care polishes but I'm pretty sure it was under 6€.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil!

Here's one of my all time favourites that I haven't actually reviewed yet! It's the NYX Auto Brow Pencil in Black.

I do my brows almost every day, it gives me a more polished and put together look even if that would be the only makeup I'd wear that day.

Usually it's quite challenging to find the right color to fill in my brows. My brows are black and not that many brands carry a black brow pen, gel or powder, they usually are dark brown and that's it. They say that you should use a color a shade lighter than your natural brows, but mine are black and using a dark brown makes them look just unnatural. So in my opinion that rule makes no sense.. :)

NYX is one of the brands that carry a black eyebrow pen, and it happens to be a good one too! (Other drugstore brands (available in Finland) that carry a black pen are for example Lumene and Rimmel).

It's one of those auto liners, so you don't have to sharpen it and that makes me like it even more. I don't remember to sharpen my pens that often, and a dull pen equals a messy look. This one is easy to use and always sharp. I don't use the brush that it comes with, but some people may like it.

It's not the most pigmented pen but I like it, you get a more natural look instead of a look that can be too harsh. In the picture above there's one light swipe and then swatched heavily.

Here you can see that my brows look polished but not overly done. The black color is not too harsh, it's more of a charcoal, but still natural looking at the same time. You can make it more darker and black if you want to. I always even out the color by brushing though my brows with a spoolie brush and then I add some brow gel.

The price is something that makes mee feel the love too, I paid around $4 for mine, lovely. I've repurchased it many times and will again soon.

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