Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil!

Here's one of my all time favourites that I haven't actually reviewed yet! It's the NYX Auto Brow Pencil in Black.

I do my brows almost every day, it gives me a more polished and put together look even if that would be the only makeup I'd wear that day.

Usually it's quite challenging to find the right color to fill in my brows. My brows are black and not that many brands carry a black brow pen, gel or powder, they usually are dark brown and that's it. They say that you should use a color a shade lighter than your natural brows, but mine are black and using a dark brown makes them look just unnatural. So in my opinion that rule makes no sense.. :)

NYX is one of the brands that carry a black eyebrow pen, and it happens to be a good one too! (Other drugstore brands (available in Finland) that carry a black pen are for example Lumene and Rimmel).

It's one of those auto liners, so you don't have to sharpen it and that makes me like it even more. I don't remember to sharpen my pens that often, and a dull pen equals a messy look. This one is easy to use and always sharp. I don't use the brush that it comes with, but some people may like it.

It's not the most pigmented pen but I like it, you get a more natural look instead of a look that can be too harsh. In the picture above there's one light swipe and then swatched heavily.

Here you can see that my brows look polished but not overly done. The black color is not too harsh, it's more of a charcoal, but still natural looking at the same time. You can make it more darker and black if you want to. I always even out the color by brushing though my brows with a spoolie brush and then I add some brow gel.

The price is something that makes mee feel the love too, I paid around $4 for mine, lovely. I've repurchased it many times and will again soon.

Thanks for reading!

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