Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Most Loved Makeup Item: MAC MSF Soft and Gentle!

One of the most popular posts in my blog is my post about MAC's MSF Soft and Gentle. It used to look so pretty...

...and this is how it looks now! All gone and ready to go Back to MAC. We had so much fun together and it really made me feel pretty and special. It really was worth every penny. I sure will miss you.

I've been using the Candlelight from Too Faced but it's pretty clear that you can't even compare these two. Candlelight has bigger shimmers and gives a visible golden shimmery look, where Soft and Gentle used to give a more subtle glow, even though it was shimmery. It was just more finely milled than Candlelight. It was perfect. And I don't have a backup. Because I thought this day would never come. I don't think I can sleep tonight..?

It sure looks pretty, but I want to buy another MSF Soft and Gentle. I can't live without it!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Tämä on kyllä melkoinen saavutus, onnea! :D S&G on yksi minunkin suosikkejani ja ensimmäinen MACin MSF:ni. Gandlelightkin löytyy, ja sekin on upea <3

  2. Heh en kyllä tiedä itsekään mihin oikein olen tuollaisen määrän kimallusta sutinut mutta niin se vain loppui :D Minun Candlelight rupesi haisemaan melko pahalle jostakin syystä, joten jouduin heittämään sen pois...! Olihan se jo melko vanha mutta olisin odottanut puuteriselle tuotteelle hieman pidempää ikää :(