Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Skin Care Favourites! September 2013 :)

I also had some skin care favourites that I wanted to say a few words about, so why not post a skin care favourites too :)

Mádara is my favourite natural skin care brand. I've tried a large amount of their products and now I'm trying their Time Miracle Night Cream.

I don't tend to break out from natural cosmetics, even if they are on the thicker side. This cream is not the thickest one out there, but definitely a rich cream. My skin looks nice and moisturized in the morning, so I like it a lot. It was quite expensive, over 30€, but I really wanted to invest in a good cream that would help me with some wrinkle issues I've been having lately, due to lack of moisture. I think it works nicely, so money well spent! And most importantly, no break outs.

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter and Body Mist, I love these so much. So much. This range from Body Shop smells so amazing! I do love mangos, in every form. I have used at least 5 bottles of the Whip Body Lotion, but I had to stop buying it since it's 15.70€ per bottle, a quite small bottle. That's ridiculous!
The Body Butter is very rich and I usually use it on my legs and as a hand cream at night.The mist is lovely but doesn't last that long, I'm planning on getting the EDT of this scent.

Since my creamy mango favourite is so expensive, I had to find another, cheaper, alternative. I liked the consistency of this Benecos Body Cream and loved the fact that it's sertified natural cosmetics AND inexpensive. I paid around 7€ of mine. I really like the packaging too, very pretty so I don't have to store it away, I can leave it on my bathroom counter. The cream itself is great stuff, smells nice and absorbs quickly. My skin feels moisturized and conditioned. Only thing that I don't like is that it comes in a relatively small tube.

No words needed here.It's a lip balm from Burt's Bees that smells like mangos. I love it. I wish it would be a little more moisturizing but then again it feels good on the lips and lasts a long time. This one is almost gone, I need to order a back up.

I actually have a skin care haul I need to show you.. More creams...  And what no-buy??

Thanks for reading!

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