Saturday, September 14, 2013

Current Favourites September 2013! :)

Haven't done a favourites post in a long long time! I once thought that I'd be posting these every month, boy was I thinking highly of my abilities to post on a regular basis... :) I would like to of course, but I just don't have the time unfortunately. Working 10 hour days is not easy!

Ok then, enough with the excuses, here's my current favourites that I've been reaching for the most lately.

The Falsies. In waterproof of course. You can read my review here.

NYX When Leopard Gets A Tan Bronzer (review here). This summer has been the summer of first times. I gave up heavy foundation AND started using bronzer. I've used this one with a very light hand and it does give me a light touch of summer on my face, not too pigmented or dark! Lovely, and as you can see, I've hit pan :)

Viva La Diva Aloha blusher. Amazing peachy color with a hint of pink, not too much though. Amazing pigmentation! These are sold in Kicks here in Finland, don't know if the brand is available outside Scandinavia.

MAC MSF Soft and Gentle. Well take a look at this! This baby has lasted a long time and still going strong. I almost got a new one already but then I thought that this will propably last me another six months, at least. And I also had to remind myself that I have a drawer full of other sparkly powders.....but this baby is gets all the love :)

MAC Blanc Type. A true rescue for a red eye girl like me. My lids are almost flesh red in their natural state, so I can't leave the house without primer and nude shadow. I just wish I had one of those "I just woke up like this in the morning" faces.

Too Faced Glamour To Go Dream Edition Palette. I've been loving the blush. And the taupe. Here's my most recent rant about the palette.

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder. You can read my review here, I'm still loving this powder. Have repurchased it a few times already!

How about the lip stuff then? Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks in Coral Queen (right) and Pink Tulip have been on my lips multiple times. I'm already into fall and been wearing darker colors in clothing and on my nails, but on my lips these bright colors have just stayed, I just can't let go.

My favourite nail color for fall is definitely egg plant and plum colors. I've been wearing these polishes from Lumene non stop, some days when I feel like changing things up a bit (only a bit...), I've been wearing OPI's Vampsterdam. Loving these, specially the burgundy color called Farewells. Also I've noticed that I don't have "anything" in my nail polish collection and I "need" to get new colors for fall and winter...right??

This was fun, I need to do this more often!

Thanks for reading!


  1. AH, love that blush color! Wish we had this brand here in entire Europe :)

    1. I feel the love too, it's amazing! :) I wish that more of the makeup brands from the US would be sold in Finland, we don't have for example Urban Decay, Too Faced or even NYX. Maybe someday.. :)