Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review: NYX The Caribbean Collection I Dream of Jamaica 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette!

I just realized I have never actually reviewed my favourite palette of all times. I think it's safe to say that it is my most used palette, you can actually see pan in three out of the total five colors! It's the I Dream of Jamaica from NYX, it's part of their Caribbean Collection that was released can't even rember when, long time ago!

I've had this palette for over two years now and I think I need to replace it soon with a new one, I've only used it on my eyes and with relatively clean brushes, but still.

This palette is perfect for creating taupe and dark brown smoky eyes. You can go really dark with this! Or little lighter with the satiny taupe in the middle.

Most used colors are the two highlight colors, pearly beige and white. The taupe in the middle is the most prettiest taupe I've came across so far. It's the perfect taupe, not too silvery or too purple, or too brown. It's the perfect taupe with gorgeous satin finish. Looks amazing!

The last two darker browns are, like the whole palette, soft and easy to work with. The darker taupe color is very similar to the taupe in the middle but it's not that satiny, it's almost matte, has only a subtle sheen to it. Great grease color! I use the darkest one for lining my eyes. It is really dark and very pigmented. Just lovely.

Here's the swatches. The pigmentation is amazing! This is without any primer. The dark brown has the most pigment. I sometimes use it to fill in my brows too. And the taupe, I love it, did I say that already? :)

I think every taupe lover should own I Dream of Jamaica. I love it, I love the cheap price too. I think it's under $10. A true bargain!

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  1. This palette is amazing! The colors are so beautiful and suiting everyone! I wonder why this palette is not crazy popular

    1. I've wondered that myself too, this palette should be crazy popular, there are so many taupe lovers out there... :) not to mention the lovely pigmentation!