Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Powder!

I've been using only powder and concealer instead of full coverage foundation throughout the whole summer. I fell in love with the Nude Magique BB Powder from L'Oréal. It made me realise that I just may not need a full coverage foundation afterall, I have been quite unconfident with my acne scarred skin. But this summer I've been fine with a more sheer finish! Love it.

Since the BB Powder is quite expensive, I wanted to try something a little cheaper. Fit Me powder was recommended to me, so I gave it a try! Here's my review on it.

It had some trouble finding the right shade for me. Is it just me or is the range of shades a little too difficult? I had some trouble finding the lightest shade. I ended up getting this 105, it did seem like the lightest one at the store.

First of all, the packaging feels a bit cheap and clumsy. It's quite big and I find that it takes a lot of space in my tiny makeup bag that I carry around. It has a mirror, which is a huge plus though. Then again, the puff thing, not really a good one.

The consistency, hmm. I must say that it's quite nice, feels light and gives a nice amount of coverage! But you must be careful not to apply too much, there is a chance you end up looking cakey. I must say this does not reach the level of Nude Magique BB Powder. It's just not as smooth and does not make my skin look as lovely as the BB Powder does. Sadly!

Overall, I do like the powder as a setting powder and for touch ups, you just have to use it lightly. I really like the cheap price, I paid around 9€ of mine. I'm just so in love with the Nude Magique BB that this one didn't really have a chance :)

Thanks for reading!

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