Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Elf Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Porcelain!

I've never had a tinted moisturizer before this, I always thought that it would do nothing for my oily, acne scarred skin. This summer it has been different for me, I've let go of my full coverage foundations that I held on so tightly and let my skin breathe and be seen as it is. That is why I ordered this Elf Studio Tinted Moisturizer!

Here's my review on it, based on our short acquaintance. I chose the lightest shade (naturally) called Porcelain (as always). I really thought it would be at least a decent match for me since they have quite a large range of shades. I was wrong.

Elf Studio Tinded Moisturizer has a very sheer coverage, almost invisible really. It gives a nice tint of color, but without the coverage I don't see the point, why would I want to apply only color to my face and not get the advantage of coverage? I just don't see the point. The shade Porcelain is too dark for me anyways so it was not working for me.

What comes to the moisturizing abilities, they were minimal. I let the moisturizer sink for about 15 minutes and my skin started to feel a bit tight. Now that almost never happens, so that really was not a good thing, sadly. Soon after that, my skin started to grave for moisture, so the oils got off the bay. Not good times two!

Here's the swatches. As you can see, it dried a little bit darker that it was when first applied, and it does look a bit patchy. It is easy to apply but you have to work fast since it dries quickly.

I didn't have any previous experience with these types of moisturizers, but I sure can tell that this one was a miss for me. I don't think I will be experimenting with tinted moisturizers any time soon. Unless some of you recommend me something really great, with more coverage. Maybe this will work for someone else, someone who really need just a hint of color! Also this one was very cheap, so that is a plus. And surely you must like the SPF 20, that's always a good thing. But I think I'll have to find a new home for this one :)

Thanks for reading!

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