Friday, August 9, 2013

Elf Haul! :)

I've wanted to get my hands on Elf products for a long time and now I finally ordered something, they had 50 % off everything so I caved and got me some blushes and bronzers mainly. I love cheap thrills but I've had doubts about the quality, so that's why it took so long for me to place an order.

I got three of the Studio Blushes, all warm, peachy colors. Giddy Gold, Peachy Keen & Candid Coral.

I also got the baked bronzers and one of the blushes. Maui, St Lucia and Peachy Cheeky.

This Peachy Cheeky is my favourite of all of these! Such a perfect, light peach with a pretty sheen.

The two Baked Bronzers were a lot lighter in color that I expected. They would probably work great as highlighters too, even for me. I will post about these babies later :)

This summer I have toned down my usually full coverage foundation and worn only powder and concealer. That is why I've been experimenting with  different powders. I wanted to get the cheap Elf Studio Powder too, but haven't tried it yet. The tinted moisturizer is the very first one for me, I have never used or owned one, mainly because my acne scarring and discoloration on my face. Now I really wanted to try one because I've been happy with the coverage powder offers me so I may like a tinted moisturizer too. I will definitely review it later!

Any good bargains you have came across lately? :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Just came across your blog and I really, really enjoyed reading every single one of your posts!