Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Tulip Pink!

I had to get more of these Moisture Renew Lipsticks that I reviewed earlier. I've used Coral Queen many times despite the fact that it's very bright and out of my comfort zone. I love the texture and the color!

I got another bright color called Tulip Pink. It is a pink color but with warm undertones.

To me this color definitely has some warmer tones and reminds me of strawberry melba. But then in different lighting it can look more cool...pretty anyways!

Here's Tulip Pink next to Coral Queen, just for comparison. Does it look like a rasberry color in here? I really don't know how to describe the different tones of this pink.

A very lovely pink indeed and I love how these lipsticks give me a nice glossy look.

Thanks for reading!

Ps. This is how a beauty blogger's hand looks like after a stroll in the super market... :)


  1. The color is great! Rimmel has nice lip products. But here in Ukraine you can't get any of the new products(((

    Followed you on bloglovin!

  2. Thanks for following!
    Yes, Rimmel has some great lip product for reasonable prices! :)

  3. I recieved some Rimmel lippies and glosses in some swaps and am in love!

    1. I need to try Rimmel glosses and soon!! :)