Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks in Coral Queen & Nude Delight!

Remeber that one post about the red lipstick from Rimmel? Yes, well, I ended up never wearing that color out in public. I just can't pull off bright colors, is that it?

However, now I've been mysteriously wanting to add some lip colors in my collection. I don't know why, I never wear's a mystery.
Despite that, I got two of the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks, Coral Queen and Nude Delight. Here's my review!

I have actually surprised myself. I did wear Coral Queen out in public the other day! I paired it with a minimal eye makeup and it looked quite niceand summery. It's hard to get used to bright colors on my lips since lipbalm  and gloss are usually the only ones I wear. I didn't use a lip liner and I did add some lip balm on top just to make it look a little more natural, but I wore it anyway :)

The texture is quite nice, it is moisturizing but still quite pigmented. It lasted ok, considering I used it without priming my lips and just added  a tiny amount of color. And to color is just amazing, a warm coral red. I love it!

Nude Delight has the same moisturizing consistency. Unfortunately the color was totally wrong for me, I thought it was lighter, to me it's not actually nude, just a light brown with a hint of warm peachy tone. Didn't look nice with my pale complexion.

Overall, I think these are easy to wear type of lipsticks. You can wear them on their own, lightly, or to full color. Feels nice on the lips! And you have love the cheap price, I paid around 6€ of each, lovely :)

I don't know if they are discontinuing these Moisture Renews because I have been seeing them on sale a lot. I hope not! I want to try more colors. What are your favourite moisturizing lipsticks? Feel free to leave me your recommendations  :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow they're so pretty! I have one of these too, named oxford street fuchsia also a reallyn pretty color :)

    1. So pretty that I had to get another one, a pretty pink color. I will post about it soon :)