Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: Urban Decay De-slick Mattifying Powder!

I'm a pressed powder girl. I like them because they are handy, easy to carry with me in case I need to touch up (and I do, unfortunately) and they don't make a mess. I also appreciate a good sized mirror. And a creamy formula. I now want to review the De-slick Mattifying Powder from Urban Decay!

 I really like the packaging, it's very pretty and purple. Very Urban Decay. It doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. 11 grams of product is quite nice! And it should be too, because the package is quite big. In fact it feels quite heavy too so I don't usually like to carry it around, I just use it in the mornings to set up my foundation.

The powder comes with a sponge that can be "glued" back to the mirror, so it won't make a mess if you misplace the plastic, like I usually do within one week of purchase. Very nice detailing, I think. Also a good sized mirror!

The powder itself is white and at first I was sceptical about it. I'm very pale and I don't want to look any paler than I already am. But it doesn't look white on the skin or leave a white cast on my face, it blends into my skin very well. I am very fair, so I can't say this behalf of the girls with darker compexion but I'm assuming it works well on any skin tone. At least they promise it does! It blends so nicely a swatch pircture was impossibe to take.

 Here you can see how the sponge sticks to the mirror, very handy!

Does it work then? I have mixed feelings. All and all it's a nice setting powder, it really is. I use it to set my foundation but I don't use it for touch ups because I feel it doesn't give me as smooth finish as for example  MAC MSF Natural does. What comes to keeping my skin matte, I don't think any powder can really do that. I don't believe in the oil absorbing abilities of any powder, it can take the shine away but the oil stays or is transfered onto the sponge. I didn't expect this particular powder to remove my oil problem, I just wanted a  nice setting powder and I got one. In a really pretty packaging :) So it's not really mattifying, at least not for me, but it is a good powder in general. I would like to use it also for touch ups just because it looks so pretty and luxurious when I pull it out from my purse.

Thanks for reading!

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