Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Urban Decay De-slick Makeup Setting Spray!

 As you may already know, I have super oily skin that causes me trouble. My makeup starts to melt away in a very short time after application without any primers. Now that is bad, you don't want to look messy in anytimes and looking messy before noon, welcome to my life :)

When the situation is this bad, any help is welcome. I don't really think that any product can take away the problem completely, in my case my acne is hormonal and no product can cure that. But I still take any help I can get!

Ok, on to the review! De-slick Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay was on my shopping list for a long time. I used to use the All Nighter, it was great too, but I wanted to see if the De-slick version would work better.

I use it before I apply my makeup and then once more to set my makeup, but before I put on mascara. I find that it works better if you use it like this. I spray on about 4-5 pumps at a time. I'm always sceptical when I review oil control products, but this time I have to say this spray works great! Not perfect of course, but great! It gets me maybe 3-4 hours before I have to blot and only some melting is visible. Then after some blotting and touching up with some powder it gets me another 3 hours. At the end of the day my foundation doesn't  look that bad, honestly. Some melting has obviously happened but it doesn't look messy. At least this is the case with mineral foundation, I use liquid so rarely. But I'm guessing it would not work this well with a regular liquid foundation.

If I use the spray with the De-slick In A Tube Mattifying Gel, the results are even better. I tested the combo out at a very demanding occasion, a wedding, and it kept my makeup fresh for the first 5 hours and ok for the rest of the night, and I mean this. With some blotting and powder in between of course. I was amazed when I looked in the mirror at the end of the night.

I paid around 20€ for it with a discount, it's quite expensive in my opinion, the bottle isn't that big. I wish they would have the big sizes available again, at least they had with the previous bottles.

The only bad thing is that the spray is not very fine or even, it can come out a little patchy, just like All Nighter did because of the bottle. I hope they would have changed the spray cap too when they renewed the packaging. I would like a mist that is more fine.

Compared to the All Nighter, it does give a bit different finnish. This one feels more drying and not mousturizing at all. It definitely is more suited for oily skin but why not a for the normal skin too. For dry skin I wouldn't recommend this.

De-slick has become a permanent part of my foundation routine. Fingers crossed they won't discontinue it because the original spray from Skindinävia is hard to find in Europe, at least I haven't found an online retailer that would carry it. Please let me know if there's a place where I can buy Skindinävia in Europe.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Skindinaviaa saa tuolta ->

    1. Niinpäs näyttäisi, kiitos paljon! On tosin kalliimpaa kuin UD:n versio, mutta täältä saisi isomman pullon tosin :)

  2. Tämä kuulostaa ihan sellaiselta, mitä tarvitsen. En yleensä pääse työpäivän aikana korjailemaan meikkiä, joten kaikki mikä pidentää meikin siistinä-pysymis-aikaa on tervetullutta :)

  3. Kyllä suosittelen juuri tuohon tarpeeseen! Vähemmän rasvaisella iholla jo varmasti yksikin suihkuttelukerta pidentää meikin kestoa :) good stuff :)

  4. Try Gunilla of Sweden's lerosett clay mask. It helped my acne so much!!