Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Meow Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Flawless Feline + Undereye Concealer!

I always want to try new foundations but every time I go back to my beloved mineral foundation. Every time! My favourite used to be the matte foundation from Everyday Minerals but they discontinued it a long time ago. Luckily I heard that Meow Cosmetics has a full coverage foundation that works great for oily skin. We have been unseparable ever since. I love this stuff!

Some time ago I ordered two jars of the Flawless Feline foundation and an Undereye Concealer. My shade is Siamise 1 Sleek. It's the second lightest shade in the neutral range. They have a color for everyone, if you have trouble finding a foundation that matches completely, you should try Meow. I first tried the lightest one and I think it was a bit too light for me, which I thought was impossible :)

The big jar is huge! It was $29 and it has 30g of product. That is a really generous amount! It will probably last me through a whole year. Worth every penny!

 The jar has a good shifter that dispenses just enough of product, but not too much.

They also have a smaller jar available, it's called Munchkin. It has 8 grams of product, and retailed for around $16. It's great for travelling or to carry around with you in your purse. I usually order one big jar and one munchkin just for touch up purposes. The bigger jar is too big to carry around.

The Flawless Feline is said to be a full coverage foundation, that is why I got it.
It looks natural if you apply it lightly. It has really great pigmentation, a little amount can give you enough coverage. You can see from the pictures that it really covers up! It's amazing, it covers up all my red areas and discoloration that I have on my skin.

I have found that I can achieve the best coverage with this kabuki brush from Ecotools. It's very tense and soft. It's also retractable so I can carry it around with me in my makeup bag without making a mess.

I also like this Undereye Concealer from Meow. It is very pigmented but lightweight at the same time. I think it does a pretty good job, but if I have very dark and blue circles, it doesn't cover all. I think I need a color correcting one for that problem area.

Overall I have noticed that mineral foundation works best for my oily, acne prone skin. I find that it's good to my skin at the same time and helps a little with the oil problem. I'm so glad I found Meow :)

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  1. Seems great! I would already buy it for the name because i love cats :)

    1. :) plus you get a really good foundation too :D

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it does, you can never go wrong with the animal print :)

  3. this looks so flawless!!Great product!!

  4. This powder looks flawless on ur skin and a good match~~Great product!!