Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Meow Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Flawless Feline + Undereye Concealer!

I always want to try new foundations but every time I go back to my beloved mineral foundation. Every time! My favourite used to be the matte foundation from Everyday Minerals but they discontinued it a long time ago. Luckily I heard that Meow Cosmetics has a full coverage foundation that works great for oily skin. We have been unseparable ever since. I love this stuff!

Some time ago I ordered two jars of the Flawless Feline foundation and an Undereye Concealer. My shade is Siamise 1 Sleek. It's the second lightest shade in the neutral range. They have a color for everyone, if you have trouble finding a foundation that matches completely, you should try Meow. I first tried the lightest one and I think it was a bit too light for me, which I thought was impossible :)

The big jar is huge! It was $29 and it has 30g of product. That is a really generous amount! It will probably last me through a whole year. Worth every penny!

 The jar has a good shifter that dispenses just enough of product, but not too much.

They also have a smaller jar available, it's called Munchkin. It has 8 grams of product, and retailed for around $16. It's great for travelling or to carry around with you in your purse. I usually order one big jar and one munchkin just for touch up purposes. The bigger jar is too big to carry around.

The Flawless Feline is said to be a full coverage foundation, that is why I got it.
It looks natural if you apply it lightly. It has really great pigmentation, a little amount can give you enough coverage. You can see from the pictures that it really covers up! It's amazing, it covers up all my red areas and discoloration that I have on my skin.

I have found that I can achieve the best coverage with this kabuki brush from Ecotools. It's very tense and soft. It's also retractable so I can carry it around with me in my makeup bag without making a mess.

I also like this Undereye Concealer from Meow. It is very pigmented but lightweight at the same time. I think it does a pretty good job, but if I have very dark and blue circles, it doesn't cover all. I think I need a color correcting one for that problem area.

Overall I have noticed that mineral foundation works best for my oily, acne prone skin. I find that it's good to my skin at the same time and helps a little with the oil problem. I'm so glad I found Meow :)

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Friday, June 28, 2013

NOTD: Maybelline Color Show Neons in Pink Shock!

A quick NOTD for you! I hopped on the neon wagon too... I really wanted a pretty pink neon polish that would be on the warmer side. I found one from Maybelline, they had a neon collection out for the summer, only a few truly neon color were in that collection though..

I was a little disappointed, it looked much more neon in the bottle but then on the nails it toned down a lot. On the nails it looks like a bright bubblegum pink, still pretty but not that neon. Reminds me of the canned cherries...

I did two coats, but I think a third one would have been in order, it was not completely opaque. It lasted ok, started chipping maybe on the third day. I used it with Sally Hansen Double Duty Base Coat and InstaDri Top Coat.
I like the formula! I also like the cheap price... :)

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in La-La! :)

I love NYX. Great quality and low prices, what's not to love. You've heard me rave about this once again just recently...

I don't do a lot of lip gloss reviews, but this one I really wanted to review quickly for you. It's the perfect pink, Mega Shine Lip Gloss in La-La. True bubblegum pink with some shimmer to give the perfect pout look :) The shimmers don't show that much on your lips, and to me that's a good thing. I like it subtle when it comes to lip products.

 La-La is very pigmented. It really gives you color if you want, but to get your lips really pink you have to layer it or use a lip liner or a lipstick first. It is on the sticky side, but not the worst I've tried. It has a light cherry scent to it, not the best but it doesn't linger on my lips for too long. And yes, it really is shiny!

I usually use this with a peachy nude lip gloss the take away some of the pinky tones, I don't know why but I'm really fond of that combination.
Here's some swatches in different lighting so you can see the shimmers and the great pigmentation.

For some un explainable reason I don't have any other Mega Shine glosses from NYX. I've been looking for a good nude lip gloss without any shimmer, I need to look up if they carry one.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: H&M Nudes Eyeshadow Palette!

I had my eye on this palette from HM for a long time before I actually ended up buying it. I was afraid that it would be poor in quality since I didn't have a chance to swatch it in the store. I don't own any makeup from HM so the quality was a total mystery.

A perfect collection of nudes, I must say that. A pearly white with golden sheen, a matte nude color, a warmer shimmery nude, a perfect light taupe and a sligthly darker brown for crease. Looks great together!

Unfortunately that's pretty much it what comes to good things. Well, the price 4,95€ was nice.  Unfortunately the quality is really bad. To start with, the color pay off is bad, especially in the lighter colors. The dark brown is the only one that has a little bit of a kick, but then again it's quite powdery and messy to work with. Compared to Wet'n'wild shadows, these are from a totally different world, even though they represent the same price range. A total miss for H&M.

Here's the swatches, I had to apply heavily over a good layer of UDPP to get these shadows to show some color. Without the primer only the darker brown showed ok in the pictures.

If I want cheap thrills that are nice quality, I will stick to Wet'n'wild and not stray from my path anymore. I think there's no need for me to visit the makeup shelves at H&M anymore.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Small NYX haul! :)

Oh, I love NYX. I just wish NYX was sold in stores here in Finland too. Now we can buy some of the products from a Finnish e-retailer but the prices are so ridiculous that I continue to buy my NYX goodies from Cherry Culture. The problem is that it's close to impossible to order products tax free now, if my order is over 21€ (including shipping) I have to pay 24% taxes. I'm not happy.

I did manage to get something below that number. I would have wanted to order some of their new products, like the lovely eye shadow palettes, but this time I had to get some things that I desperately needed.

Of course I had to get two my all time favourite contouring powders, the Powder Blush in Taupe. I just love it, perfect pigmentation, applies like a dream and it's the perfect color for the pale girls. It's not orange or muddy, it's, well, taupe. I go through these pretty quickly because I use it everyday. Can't live without :)

I also got the Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Black. It's a soft black color, so easy to use and looks very natural. I haven't found a better one yet! This is very inexpensive too. I love it.

I use brow gel on a daily basis too, so I picked out this clear mascara from Jordana. As it was only $2, it's ok. It gets the job done, I will use this up. I already started using it so that's why it has started to look not so clear anymore.

I also got the Matte Blotting Paper from NYX because for some reason blotting paper is hard to find here in Finland and the ones that are out there are ridiculously expensive. I'm not going to pay 10€ for a few pieces of paper. So when I can, I will stock up with NYX Blotting Paper.

I wanted to get more but it was impossible this time. In my next order I'm planning to get some new blushes and maybe lip glosses.. :)

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Maybelline The Rocket Volum'Express Waterproof Mascara!

I have another mascara review for you! Alongside blushes, mascaras are my favourite beauty products to test out and review for you. It's probably because I myself look like a totally different person with a little mascara on :)

The very much hyped Rocket was due to end up in my shopping bag eventually, no beauty blogger can skip this one!

The Rocket promises me "Massive volume in rocket time! Clump Free & Waterproof".

As you may know, my lashes are totally straight and in order to keep them curled, I need to use waterproof mascara. Unfortunately regular mascara does nothing for me.

 One thick coat of The Rocket:

I have mixed feelings, I was expecting this to blow my mind, at least! The hype was so intense! But to me this does not qualify as a volumising mascara. My lashes do look quite nice in the pictures but something is missing. It does add some volume to the roots or my lashes but fails to do so throughout. It seems more lengthening than volumizing or defining. My lashes are not as defined and separated as I would like them to be, and I see some clumps. Clumps are a definite no no for me.
It does hold my lashes curled and it was easy to remove, I will say that :)

The brush is also quite big and therefore  difficult to use and the tip collects excess product. Reminds me a lot of the False Lash Effect from Max Factor, which was not my cup of tea.

Overall I'm disappointed. My expectations were too high and  because this mascara was only a good basic mascara, I can't make myself like it. But I'm thinking that this time the differences in the consistency between the regular and the waterproof version are bigger than usual, they must be :)

If you want length, this is for you, in my opinion. Volume and separation, try something else instead.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Urban Decay De-slick Makeup Setting Spray!

 As you may already know, I have super oily skin that causes me trouble. My makeup starts to melt away in a very short time after application without any primers. Now that is bad, you don't want to look messy in anytimes and looking messy before noon, welcome to my life :)

When the situation is this bad, any help is welcome. I don't really think that any product can take away the problem completely, in my case my acne is hormonal and no product can cure that. But I still take any help I can get!

Ok, on to the review! De-slick Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay was on my shopping list for a long time. I used to use the All Nighter, it was great too, but I wanted to see if the De-slick version would work better.

I use it before I apply my makeup and then once more to set my makeup, but before I put on mascara. I find that it works better if you use it like this. I spray on about 4-5 pumps at a time. I'm always sceptical when I review oil control products, but this time I have to say this spray works great! Not perfect of course, but great! It gets me maybe 3-4 hours before I have to blot and only some melting is visible. Then after some blotting and touching up with some powder it gets me another 3 hours. At the end of the day my foundation doesn't  look that bad, honestly. Some melting has obviously happened but it doesn't look messy. At least this is the case with mineral foundation, I use liquid so rarely. But I'm guessing it would not work this well with a regular liquid foundation.

If I use the spray with the De-slick In A Tube Mattifying Gel, the results are even better. I tested the combo out at a very demanding occasion, a wedding, and it kept my makeup fresh for the first 5 hours and ok for the rest of the night, and I mean this. With some blotting and powder in between of course. I was amazed when I looked in the mirror at the end of the night.

I paid around 20€ for it with a discount, it's quite expensive in my opinion, the bottle isn't that big. I wish they would have the big sizes available again, at least they had with the previous bottles.

The only bad thing is that the spray is not very fine or even, it can come out a little patchy, just like All Nighter did because of the bottle. I hope they would have changed the spray cap too when they renewed the packaging. I would like a mist that is more fine.

Compared to the All Nighter, it does give a bit different finnish. This one feels more drying and not mousturizing at all. It definitely is more suited for oily skin but why not a for the normal skin too. For dry skin I wouldn't recommend this.

De-slick has become a permanent part of my foundation routine. Fingers crossed they won't discontinue it because the original spray from Skindinävia is hard to find in Europe, at least I haven't found an online retailer that would carry it. Please let me know if there's a place where I can buy Skindinävia in Europe.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: L'Oréal Nude Magique BB Powder!

I don't like where the BB hype has headed, companies use BB to market almost anything. Despite all this, I went and bought the Nude Magique BB Powder. I have many reasons that support my debatable purchase. Firstly, I needed a new powder. Yes, an excellent justification. Secondly, the shiny lavender compact look so pretty and tempting. Hmm, not that convincing. Lastly, the powder felt really really soft! Ok, to the check out counter.

The package looks very nice, it has a shiny high end feel. But when you use it, it feels a bit cheap and flimsy. The mirror and the sponge are under the powder, so in order to apply you first need to lift the powder to get the sponge out and then flip it back to apply the powder. If you want to use the mirror, you must lift again. Not handy at all!

But the powder itself is really a good one! I swatched it many times at the store and it was the softest one I tested and I swatched pretty much all of them. Here it's swatched quite heavily. The lightest shade is a good match for those with fair or light complexions.

It's very finely milled and it almost vanishes into the skin when I apply it. It doesn't look cakey or change color on the skin during the day. Applies amazingly! It is perfect for touch ups because it doesn't buid up on my skin and make it look too heavy or cakey. I don't know what it is, but this feels so different compared to all the other powders I have tried! Well, let's not get too carried away. It is buildable but of course only to a certain point. However, I feel that it's light, nice as a finishing powder but even better as a touch up powder. To use it on your own, it might be a little too light if you want coverage.

In my opinion the price was too high for a drugstore product (around 16€ here in Finland), I think there's some BB extra added to the price ;)  Regardless the fact that it has nothing to do with BB, and the price, I really like this powder. Soft, not chalky, heavy or too powdery (the most important quality feature of a powder, haha) and applies like a dream. Worth of trying if you are thinking about it!

Thanks for reading!