Thursday, May 23, 2013

Haul time! Urban Decay haul :)

My time on a budget is now successfully over, at least for now, so I may have gone a little crazy and hauled me some new beauty products. Here's the first part for you, and yes, it's all Urban Decay!

After trying so many (bad or only decent) face primers, I decided, after a long time apart, to go back to my all time favourite De-slick in a tube mattifying gel.

It still works like a charm! The only thing I don't like is the ridiculously small tube, only 20 ml of product for around 20€. But I will pay gladly because it helps me a lot and makes my life easier, so why not.

Another product that I've missed in my makeup routine a lot was a setting spray. I got the De-slick version this time since I have super oily skin. A review is coming later but so far it's working just great! It was also around 20€.

My Too Faced Shadow Insurance ran out so I decided to go back to UDPP. One reason was that Shadow Insurance has become really expensive since the last time I purchased it. UDPP was cheaper and it was just time for some change.

This De-slick Mattifying Powder was an impuls buy. I needed a new powder but I've always thought that drugstore brand powders do the job as well as more expensive ones. I just wanted to splurge a little after a long time of no-buy. If this powder helps to keep oil at bay, and I'm very sceptical that it would, it's a plus. I love the packaging! Looks and feels very high end. I will review this powder later too.

I'm very pleased with my haul :)

Thanks for reading!