Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Collective haul! Hair, body and face products :)

Here's some beauty products that I have collected from here and there recently. Some of them I really needed and some were just purely to fill my shopping urges :)

Let's start with hair! I've bought my hair products from supermarkets for some time now so I wanted some better stuff for my long hair that is quite dry. I'm not saying that market stuff is bad, I still buy things like shampoo from the drugstore brands because they are as good as anything else, and eventually it goes down the drain. I like to spend some extra on a good conditioner instead!
I got a full set of conditioning products from Bonacure.

I also needed products for my face. I've noticed that natural products work best for my acne prone problem skin and this set from Madara is a repurchase of many times. This time I also wanted a night cream from the brand. It's been great, no major break outs!

I also needed a new scrub and a mask. I went for cheaper alternatives, I got a scrub from Neutrogena and a purifying mask from Freeman. They work nicely! If I'd just remember to use them regularly.. I threw in an extra face wash from Freeman just because I like the scent so much! It's also a really good one. I used up one during the winter and fell in love.

Now this is weird. I usually like my body moisturizers scent free and I'm not really a fan of parfumes. But now I've fell in love with the Mango body care products from The Body Shop. I've used up already two bottles of the Mango Body Lotion and after that I went and bought the whole set with the body mists and everything. I just love the scent! It's quite strong and that lingers on my skin but I really don't mind! I love it, and I also love mangos, both fresh and dried. In a form of lotion too, apparently. In my opinion they were all too expensive but I couldn't resist. 15,70€ for a bottle ot lotion, oh well...

So that was my haul, seems now that I've spent a small fortune when you put all together like this....!!

If you want reviews, please let me know by commenting which products you want me to review :)

Thanks for reading!

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