Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: L'Oréal Lumi Magique Touch of Light Highlighter Pen!

I really liked MAC's Prep+Prime Highlighting Pen, it was great for my dark under eye area. What I didn't appreciate was the price, 23€ for 3,6 ml / 0,12 fl. oz. Alltough you don't need much, but still, quite pricey! So I've been looking for a new under eye concealer that would be something even close to the MAC one. I found the Lumi Magique Touch of Light Highlighter Pen for 10€ which was nice, usually this retails around 17€ here in Finland, that's quite expensive for a drugstore concealer...

I swatched this pen many times in the store before actually buying it. I liked the consistency when I swatched it and I really liked the classic and high end look of the packaging, it's not drugstore or cheap looking at all. So it was pretty easy to take it home :)

My shade is the lightest they have, 1 Light. It matches pretty nicely! It has a slight pink tone which is supposed to be great for under eye area. Mine sure do look dark blue... :)

The brush is ok, it feels soft and it makes application easy. You just have to twist the pen a few times to get the product out, that I found to be a bit weird.

What comes to quality of the product itself, unfortunately this is nothing like the MAC's Prep+Prime Highlighting Pen. I will use this under my eyes but with something else that covers my darks circles, Lumi Magique alone is not going to do that. It's too opaque and lacks pigmentation. I guess this really is just a highlighting pen and that's it, it's not working as an under eye concealer, at least not for me because my circles are darker than average. I don't use this as a highlighter and I don't know if it would even work because I'm so super pale. I prefer my highlighters in powdery form. I do like how it feels, it's easy to blend and leaves my skin looking evened out and radient, but it doesn't conceal that much.

Too bad, I really thought this would be something like the MAC pen... Too bad it didn't meet my expectations! Maybe I will try this out as a highlighter and see how it works on my face.

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  1. Mä ostin tämän saman kanssa, mutta käsitin että tämä ei ole peitekynä vaan valokynä? Eli sen takia peittokykyä ei löydy silmänalusille paljoa. Mulle tää on passeli esimerkiksi nenänpieliin, aika täsmätuote siis kun en valokynää osaa muuten vielä käyttää :D

  2. MACin Prep+Prime valokynä on myöskin tarkoitettu pelkäksi valokynäksi mutta toimi erinomaisesti tummille silmänaluksille. Siksi varmaan kuvittelin että tämäkin toimisi mutta eihän se sitten mennytkään niin :)

  3. It seems only so-so! I like a bit heavier coverage for my under-eyes cause they get so dark throughout the week. But I definitely think this would be a great product for the summer time, when less coverage is necessary!

  4. Have you tried the Maybelline pen of this type? I've heard good things about it!

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