Monday, January 7, 2013

Coastal Scents brush haul + review part II !

I've been wanting to get more brushes from Coastal Scents eversince my last order was such a success! I was patient enough to wait for a sale and on Black Friday it was my lucky day, everything 50% off. Lovely :)

All the brushes were in a little pouch, which was nice. I use these kinds of pouches to store my jewellry in.

First things first, I got two of these Kabuki On A Stick brushes. This is the best brush I've had for applying blush, really. I haven't own any MAC or Sigma brushes so I can't compare but I truly think it's a great brush.  And I paid only around 2$ for each, that is crazy cheap! And the quality is amazing, no shedding, no nothing. Loving it! I'm glad I now have three so I can rotate these between washes.

I went a little crazy with the kabukis they have. I love the Pink Kabuki and the Kabuki On A Stick, both I use in my daily make up. The Pink Kabuki was a must purchase, I find it to be the most softest brush for blending out blush and bronzer or applying finishing powder. I love how it feels against my skin, it is super soft! And pretty too.

I wanted a new kabuki for my mineral foundation. This Classic Buffer Large Synthetic brush was not as tense as I would have hoped for but after using it a couple of times it gets better and better. It pickes up nice amount of mineral foundation at once and makes the application easy. Nice results! It's usually 14,95$ but half off was not a bad deal.

I got this Classic Blush Angle Small Natural brush for contouring. I have my most used contouring brush from Coastal Scents but they don't sell it anymore so I thought if this one would work as nicely as my old one. It's a nice brush and a great dupe for the old one that I have. It's not the softest one but blending is easy with this and you get a precise contour line if you want to. I paid only 2,50$ for it, it's usually 4.95$ which is not bad eather.

I thought this Classic Buffer Small Natural brush would be a little bigger than Kabuki On A Stick but it's actually pretty much the same brush with a new look. I like it as much, it's great for blush and blends any blush pretty nicely, even the ones that are harder to work with. I like the long, sturdy handle!

I have really liked the two eye shadow brushes from the Classic line that I got with my previous order. They were larger than I expected so I thought this Classic Shadow Small Natural brush would have been the perfect size to apply color all over the lid precisely. But it turned out to be a quite small brush, closer to a detail brush in my opinion. So I don't know if I'll use it doing my everyday makeup. Paid under 1$ for it but feels like a quality brush. I love CS :)
Here's a picture where you can get a hint of the size.

The Classic Detail Mini Natural brush was something that I needed (well not really...) to line my eyes with. Nice quality and tense bristles that look still the same after a few washes. It's normally 2,49$ so half off was a bargain :)

Here's the brush with the Classic Shadow Small Natural brush for you to see the size, it's a small brush!

I also got a free Hot Pot eye shadow, that was nice! All and all, I'm really pleased with my order, I truly love the kabukis! And I do love nice quality combined with low prices :)

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  1. Very nice pictures, and also in love with pink kabuki!:)
    Maybe let's friend?!;)