Monday, January 30, 2012

NOTD: MNY 261!

I've been collecting more of these MNY polishes, I really like the quality and the cheap price. This bright pink polish has a blue sheen and looked amazing in the bottle. But it looks even more amazing on my nails! The blue sheen (or something like that, I don't know the nail polish terms..) gives the color almost a metallic look. It's super pretty and I think I need to buy a backup. Two coats was enough!

The blue sheen does not show up in pictures that well but here you can see a glimpse of it. You must see it live, it's gorgeous.

I also got MNY's 265, a lovely (this is a jelly, right?) polish, darker berry red with shimmer. Looks so pretty!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Smoky Eyes!

I have not bought a blush in ages! I just haven't seen anything that would interest me. This is sad! But instead I've been lusting over taupe eye shadows. Specially silvery and cooler ones. Now I've found something very nice and pretty and from a supermarket! It's the Maybelline Eye Studio Smoky Eyes Quad. I don't know if this is a new thing or if they've had it out for some time now...? Anyway, I didn't have to think twice before taking it home with me. I wanted to do an EOTD for you but there's just not enough daylight to take good pictures. My camera isn't that good, too bad! I will try later though!

The palette has 4 gorgeous cool toned eye shadows, one lighter silvery shade, two taupe shadows and a shimmery black meant as a liner. Look how pretty! I've been looking for a cooler taupe and now, lucky me, I found it at drugstore price!

Shadow number two was the one that cought my eye in the first place. It's a silvery brown, the perfect taupe for me. On my skin it looks a bit purple, which is fine. Loving it!

The shade number 3 is a darker purple toned taupe. It's super pigmented! Satin finish, it's just lovely and something that I didn't have in my collection.

All the colors go very well together! The black liner color is the only one that is not that pigmented and I find a bit hard to work with. It's a bit chalky. Maybe it would work used wet, haven't tried yet. But I have many blacks in my collection and I'm super happy with the first three colors. Me, the girl, who once used only mascara as eye makeup, is now hoarding eye shadows and wearing smokey eyes at daytime!

Here's the (poor) swatches. I'm so sorry. The lighter taupe looks very pretty, did I say that already? The darker purplely taupe is so pigmented! All the colors are satin finish except the black one which has silvery shimmers. I think this palette will take the place as my most loved palette from NYX's I Dream of Jamaica. These colors just work so well on my pale skin!

*edit. I added some new swatches because the last two pictures are just...bad. As you can see, I still couldn't get the black to work the way I wanted, but it doesn't matter, the first three colors are amazing!

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Ps. Let me know if any of you have bought any new and pretty blushes lately :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: The Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash

This review has been a long time waiting! I've already finished the product and now finally I had the spirit to actually review this Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash from The Body Shop!

The Nutriganics series from The Body Shop is their all natural skin care range. I like that The Body Shop has also jumped on the natural skin care wagon! I already reviewed the Eye cream from this range but did not like it. But I do like that the skin care range is all natural and certified!

In the evening I like to cleanse my face twice, first I remove my makeup and then follow with another cleanser to really get a clean face. I used this Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash as step one, removing my makeup.

At first I thought the scent was very nice but after using this daily for some time it started to bother me. The scent is too sweet and there's just something wrong with it :)

I'm really fond of the foaming cleansers. I feel like the foam-ones give me more of a cleaner feel, I don't know if that's actually the case or not. This cleanser did the job pretty nicely, it did remove my makeup and didn't make my skin feel dry. Pretty good stuff! It's supposed to be "for the first signs of ageing" but don't really know about that.. A nice foaming cleanser but because of the scent I probably won't repurchase, that's too bad but if it doesn't smell right, that's just it.

Here's the INCI, looks nice!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

NOTD: NYX Beige Glitter!

I wanted to show you my nails for the day, it's MNY 905A as a base color and on top NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Beige Glitter! Beige Glitter has an opaque beige base with gold glitter and flakes. Super pretty! I like to wear glitter with a base color but you can wear Beige Glitter just alone! Here I have two coats of 905A and two coats of Beige Glitter. Looks elegant and lovely :)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit!

I never jumped on that Urban Decay Naked palette wagon, I just didn't think it was anything special and the colors were just not for me. The new Naked 2 seems much more interesting but I don't think I'll be getting that either.

NYX's Nude on Nude palette is said to be a nice dupe for the Naked palette, I saw some pictures and I think so too! I just liked it because of its nice collection of neutrals. Here's my pictures, swatches and a quick review of the palette.

The palette itself is quite small, it's probably the size of my palm. But it holds pretty things :) A mix of nine matt, satin and shimmery eye shadows and two glosses /lipcolors. Two applicators (some one might find them useful) and a mirror. Nice job NYX, and all this for $9,99.

The palette has two glosses, a darker, almost coppery, peachy color and a baby pink color.

I specially like the three eye shadows from the first row. They seem here a bit too cold, this palette is definitely on the warmer side. I took these two pictures in different lighting, the second one is much more closer to the actual color. Some of the colors are very pigmented, I specially like the darker browns for a smokey eye. Easy to work with and just amazing. The warmer golden and coppery colors I know I won't use that much because cooler tones suit me better, but I know I will be using this palette for everyday looks and to create neutral smokey eyes.

I'm so sorry, I take such poor and bad pictures! Bare with me :) The first nude/champagne highlighting color does not show up on my skin here, but it's a creat color for blending for me. Some of the shadows are more pigmented than the others but all and all it's a great palette! If you love warm neurals, this is your palette! All the colors feel soft and pretty nice quality.

I added some swatches of the Too Faced Glamour to Go - The Dream Edition palette, take a look if you will :)

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

NOTD: NYX Forever Young!

NYX Delectable has been my most worn polish lately, it's super pretty. At the same time with Delectable I got Forever Young, a gorgeous strawberry red with gold glitter and flakes. It's super lovely and I also like the formula of these Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polishes from NYX. I want to get more but many of the colors are out of stock at Cherry Culture :(

I did three coats, two seemed not to be enough. Looks lovely! The color looks just a little too pink here, it actually is a warm strawberry red.

With flash...

Here you can see the real color, it's not pink at all. It's on the warm side, in different lighting it may look like it has a peachy or orangy or salmon tone but mainly it's just a stunning strawberry red :)

Here's Forever Young on the left and Delectable on the right.

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