Monday, November 19, 2012

NOTD: Weird dark purple/taupe/brown, MNY 549 :)

You know how almost every beauty blogger just loves taupe. And so do I. I love taupe in every form, on my lids and on my nails. I love NYX Powder Blush in Taupe on my cheecks :) I saw this cheap MNY polish on sale, paid only 1€ for it. I'm fond of these MNY polishes because I find them to have pretty great quality for such a low price. I sure do love those two combined!

This 549 looked like dark browb in the bottle but then on my nails it looks purple. It has a purple tone but then again with flash it looks grey. All the pretty taupe tones right there in one bottle! I find it to look weird but then again, I like weird things. I like this polish! The quality is ok, a bit opaque on the first layer but it gets better when you apply more layers. I settled for two coats. Lasted a long time without chipping!

Sorry for the poor pictures, there's not much daylight here at this time of the year. It makes blogging a bit hard..

Thanks for reading!

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