Friday, November 2, 2012

NOTD: Silver glitter :)

I wanted a silver glitter polish and found a pretty one from Wet n Wild's collection. This Wild Shine polish is called Kaleidoscope, looks so pretty in the bottle...

Kaleidoscope has multicolor glitter but most of it is silvery, it looks lovely in the bottle but to get that look you'd need to layer it a lot. With two coats over Rimmel's Your Majesty the glitter doesn't really show up that much. I think you'd need four our five layers to make it look really glittery. So the polish doesn't have enough glitter in it, I need more, I don't have the patience to do four layers. When I do my nails I want it to be quick and easy, I don't want to wait for layers to dry. I think I have to try it alone or with a different base color. But now I'm a little disappointed. Looks pretty Nice like this though, I think!

Thanks for reading!

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