Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Elf Complexion Perfection Powder!

Elf Complexion Perfection Powder is their famous face powder that almost every blogger owns. I had to have it too and try it out if it does anything for me. I have super pale skin with some occational redness and dullness. I really didn't have any expectations for Complexion Perfection, I hadn't own any color correcting powders or concealers before this. A good foundation and a normal concealer has done the job for me just fine, but for the ridiculously low price I decied to try one out :)

A nice size powder in a sleek container, and I like that it has a large mirror in it too. Cheap price (I paid around 4€ for mine) makes me want to love this powder! The powder itself looks pretty, all these pastel colors together. You know the gist, the green is supposed to neutralize redness, the pink is supposed to neutralalize blue and so on. A lovely idea all and all, let's see if it works for me.

To me it seems that the powder is a bit chalky when I swatch it. It turns out to look white, quite pigmented powder on my skin. It doesn't have any sheen to it, but when I blend it it does look like a it has a slight glow. In theory I see how this powder could work just nicely. But I think it made my face look even paler, if possible, it leaves a white cast on my face and I don't think that gives any brightning effect at all. I'm pale enough, what I really need is a bronzer :) But I can't say this is a bad powder, not at all, I just think I'm too pale for it. I think that on light to medium skin tones it could give brightness and even out the skin tone. So read my review with that on your mind. And also, maybe because I have a heavier hand with face products, it turned out to look too white on  me. I will most likely end up using this under my eyes (again) :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Too bad it's not for you though. I'd like to try it for myself since I have medium skin tone.

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